Pulling in the same direction with autonomous teams

Pulling in the same direction with autonomous teams

An experience report on how one 200 person product company tries to create alignment on strategy while leaving execution to autonomous teams. Attendees will learn how we tie together company strategy, team-driven OKRs, incremental UX & design and iterative development to try to achieve this. This includes
- keeping the strategy front and center
- letting teams own their OKRs while ensuring they pay into the strategy
- focussing UX and design on the team OKRs
- directing our development efforts to maximise the results

Presented at Darefest 2016 (Antwerp) and Tools4AgileTeams 2016 (Wiesbaden).

Transcript: https://medium.com/manuelkublbock/pulling-in-the-same-direction-with-autonomous-teams-693d8f2f748d#.7gw7x81gb

Video: https://www.tools4agileteams.com/konferenzprogramm/in-die-gleiche-richtung-ziehen-mit-autonomen-teams/


Manuel Küblböck

August 24, 2016