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OML usage highlight: Oracle Stream Analytics with Real-time OML Services scoring

OML usage highlight: Oracle Stream Analytics with Real-time OML Services scoring

In this Office Hours for Oracle Machine Learning on Autonomous Database, Thomas Vengal, Director of Product Management for Oracle Stream Analytics (OSA/OEP) and Oracle GoldenGate provided the architecture and demo of using the Oracle Stream Analytics with direct calls for scoring OML models using the OML Services REST APIs in real-time.

The Oracle Machine Learning product family supports data scientists, analysts, developers, and IT to achieve data science project goals faster while taking full advantage of the Oracle platform.

The Oracle Machine Learning Notebooks offers an easy-to-use, interactive, multi-user, collaborative interface based on Apache Zeppelin notebook technology, and support SQL, PL/SQL, Python and Markdown interpreters. It is available on all Autonomous Database versions and Tiers, including the always-free editions.

OML includes AutoML, which provides automated machine learning algorithm features for algorithm selection, feature selection and model tuning, in addition to a specialized AutoML UI exclusive to the Autonomous Database.

OML Services is also included in Autonomous Database, where you can deploy and manage native in-database OML models as well as ONNX ML models (for classification and regression) built using third-party engines, and can also invoke cognitive text analytics.


Marcos Arancibia

April 20, 2021


  1. Oracle Machine Learning Office Hours Usage Highlight Oracle Stream Analytics

    with Real-time OML Services scoring with Thomas Vengal supported by Marcos Arancibia, Sherry LaMonica & Mark Hornick April 2021
  2. Agenda 1 2 Stream Analytics Use cases & User Personas

    Stream Analytics Product Features & Differentiation OML Integration – Architecture & Usability Demo Reference Case Studies 3 4 5 Copyright © 2021 Oracle and/or its affiliates
  3. 3 Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates 30% By

    2024, 30% of business leaders will rely on AIOps platforms for automated insights to drive business- related decisions, as compared to less than 3% in 2020. 65% By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity $60B By 2023, intercloud and hybrid environments will realign from primarily managing data stores to integration — reconfiguring $60B annual spend for staffing and funding. 50% By 2023, more than 50% of new integration technologies evaluated will include AI among key criteria for simplifying integration
  4. Business Use Cases for Streaming Analytics Copyright © 2020 Oracle

    and/or its affiliates. IT/Data Management Financial Services Transportation Telecom • Data Lake / Data Warehouse Ingest • Enterprise Data Services (REST, Pub/Sub) • Streaming ETL, Data Pipelines • DataOps (Ops Insights) • Fraud Detection • Risk Management • Real-time analysis of currency exchange data or commodities • Customer retention, real- time issue management • Tracking Containers, Delivery Vehicles, and other Assets • Vehicle Management • Passenger Alerts • Logistics and Route Optimization • Wifi Off-Loading • Video Analytics • Network Management • Security Operations • Geolocation Marketing • Mobile Data Processing Retail Manufacturing Utilities, Oil & Gas Healthcare • Real-time Personalized Offers • Markdown optimization • Dynamic pricing and forecasting • Shopping cart defections • Better store and shelf management • Customer retention, real- time issue management • Smart Inventory • Quality Control • Building Management • Logistics and Route Optimization • Outage Intelligence • Workforce Management • Real-time Drilling Analysis • Telemetry on critical assets • Medical Device Monitoring • In-home Patient Monitoring • Medical Fraud Detection • Safer Cities
  5. Oracle Stream Analytics: Technical Use Cases Copyright © 2021 Oracle

    and/or its affiliates. Anomaly Detection Pattern Matching and Detection Event Correlation Event by Event processing, Ordering, Filters & Aggregates Complex Business Rules Automation of Business Decisions Spatial Processing Geographical boundary Analytics Forecasting, Event Scoring & Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Sliding and Shifting Windows Window Compaction Visualize Streams and Build Operational Dashboards Dashboarding Stream Analytics ML Models Geospatial Data
  6. Copyright © 2021 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Flexible for different

    User Personas Tasks in GoldenGate Stream Analytics Data Engineer • Creates custom queries and patterns • Defines complex windowing correlations • Installs and maintains Big Data and Messaging Environment • Manages lookup data sources • Tuning of production pipelines for performance and high availability Data Analyst • Explores incoming data content • Defines visualizations and dashboards • Creates and maintains data rules • Chooses and applies patterns • Defines geo fences and spatial rules DBA • Installs, maintains and runs 24x7 operations for databases • Manages Backup and Recovery • Defines data Security • System performance tuning • Prepares data extraction & loading • Uninterrupted Data Migration
  7. Oracle Stream Analytics - High Level Flow 7 Data Pipelines

    DB CDC Feeds Sensor Data Social Media Click Stream Geo Location Filter Aggregate Transform Correlate/Enrich Geo-fence Queries Time Windows Data Patterns Spatial Analytics Anomalies Classification Clustering Statistical Inference Regression Models Business Rules Policies Conditional Logic Notify/Publish Invoke/Execute Visualize Persist Data Ingestion Pre-processing Analysis / Prediction (ML) Decisions Actions Ingest Transform and Correlate Act and Deliver
  8. Confidential – Oracle Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 8 Product Features & Differentiators

    GoldenGate Stream Analytics
  9. 6 Differentiators for Oracle Stream Analytics 9 CQL Interactive Designer

    UI Rich Set of Streaming Patterns Predictive Analysis and Machine Learning Location and Geospatial Analysis Direct Integration with Oracle GoldenGate Robustness, Speed, and Scalability
  10. Copyright © 2020 Oracle and/or its affiliates. GoldenGate Stream Analytics

    – Major Features Interactive, Low-Code Designer Time Series Analytics Event Driven Dashboards Patterns / Accelerators Geo-Spatial Analysis & Geo- Fencing Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning
  11. GGSA - Connectivity Copyright © 2021 Oracle and/or its

    affiliates. OLTP Data Any GoldenGate Extract Kafka GoldenGate Big Data Replicat Kafka Oracle DB Azure Event Hub OCI Streaming Service ADW ATP AWS Managed Kafka NFS AWS S3 Azure Data Lake OCI Object Store OCI Big Data HDFS Hive Kafka IoT Data JMS Legacy Apps REST Apache Ignite MySQL DB HBase MongoDB Elasticsearch Oracle Stream Analytics
  12. Cloud Credits based GoldenGate Stream Analytics Licensing Part Number:

  13. SS ZG516 -Computer Organization and Software Systems 13 Oracle Machine

    Learning Integration New Feature in
  14. 14 Connectivity and use from Client Oracle Machine Learning Services

    Architecture Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved REST Client user/pass GET Token Token + Actions & Text/Objects GET POST DELETE Oracle Autonomous Database /omlusers PDB /omlmod OML Services
  15. Oracle Stream Analytics Oracle Machine Learning Real-time Data Pre-Processing ML

    Scoring Decisions Zeppelin Notebook (OML4Py/ OML4SQL) Stream Stream Stream OML Services Stream Processed Data Target Create ML Model Oracle Autonomous Database Deploy ML Model Data Sources OSA-OML Dynamic Integration Architecture New Feature in
  16. Streaming Cloud Architecture & Topology User VCN Cloud Region User

    Regional Subnet Dedicated Subnet Autonomous Database Consuming Services Internet Gateway Realtime Input Data Pipe GoldenGate (CDC) OCI Streaming Kafka JMS Data Engineers (Developers) Data Scientists (Analytics) Stream Analytics Spark VM Block Storage << ingest data/events >> << Feed results to targets >> << create pipelines >> << analyze data >> << Develop ML Model >> OML Services Real-time Message Business Process Alerts and Notifications Big Data Lakes Data Science Data Marts / Data Warehouses << Real-time ML Model access >> << Provision ML Model >>
  17. OSA UI – New Pattern for OMLS New Pattern OMLS

    New Category OMLS Connection Parameters OMLS Input Data
  18. 18 OSA UI for OML Integration – Single / Batch

    Mode Option to send data as individual or batch of events
  19. OSA UI – Complete View Real-time Scoring result

  20. Demo Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates | Confidential:

    Internal/Restricted/Highly Restricted 20
  21. SS ZG516 -Computer Organization and Software Systems 21 Customer References

    GoldenGate Stream Analytics
  22. Race Telemetry in Real-Time • SailGP telemetry equipment, using wireless

    access via a 4G network allows race control to push courses, mark positions, race timer control and conversational chatter to the chart plotter on each support and race boat • 30K data points per second, transforms into one stream from 10 streams earlier Ø Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics Ø Apache Kafka, Ignite & Spark application Ø Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates SailGP Sub-second Scale event processing for race analytics
  23. Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates Data Mesh &

    Streaming Analytics Racing Venue (edge IT) Oracle Cloud Infrastructure GoldenGate Stream Analytics Autonomous DB OCI Block Storage Maintenance and Decision Support Data (MDSS) Race Boat Telemetry Gateway Race helicopter telem etry Support boat telemetry Race boat telemetry OCI Streaming Pi M D S S Analytics Cloud Private LTE Mesh Stream Correlation, Alerting, Dashboards and Continuous ETL Data Visualization on Historic Race Data
  24. Data Replication, Stream Analytics • Edge computing for Military or

    Commercial use cases outside of the data center • Real-time event replication • MSET base time series for stream analytics Ø Oracle GoldenGate Ø Oracle GoldenGate for Big Data Ø Oracle GoldenGate Stream Analytics 24 Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates Oracle Roving Edge Rugged edge-of-network box for hostile environments
  25. 25 Copyright © 2021, Oracle and/or its affiliates Intelligent Edge

    Processing for Machine Learning GoldenGate DB 19c OCI Block Storage Streaming Analytics Server Stream Correlation, Alerting, Dashboards and Continuous ETL: Data Visualization on Historic Data: Semi-Connected or Disconnected GPU MSET2 ML Roving Edge Infrastructure
  26. What Next? Go try the Stream Analytics yourself! Oracle #1

    in Data Fabric Strategy GoldenGate YouTube | Data Mesh: Free Livelabs/Trial of GoldenGate Streaming: bqmhpwYrlZJ-583p3KQGDAd6038i1ywe tplace/en_US/listing/70961838 e_forresterwave_datafabric_2020?xd_co_f=66 bcf41f-e285-4ccc-a5b5-1c790cab0db0 Customer Success Copyright © 2021 Oracle and/or its affiliates r/livelabs/view-workshop?wid=669
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