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Humans, technologies and ethics

Humans, technologies and ethics

In an era where morally flexible corporations impose their (un)ethical practices, it's more important than ever to establish our ethical practices and values to preserve our fundamental human rights, reduce inequalities and stay aware of the sociological impact of technologies.

Thoughts, possible solutions and case studies to awaken us to our role as actors in the field of technology.

Marc Aubé

March 15, 2019

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  8. 2.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook in Q4 2018

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  10. Case #1

  11. Therac-25 Software that kills

  12. Therac-25 ✦ bad software design and development practices ✦ impossible

    to test in an automated way ✦ no independant review ✦ error states could be overriden by operator
  13. Case #2

  14. Knight Capital Losing 460M$ in 45min

  15. Knight Capital ✦ lack of peer review of code and

    deployment steps ✦ absence of tooling to consistently deploy software across servers ✦ lack of clear procedures for deployments and incident response ✦ lack of pushback against aggressive delivery schedule
  16. Case #3

  17. Case #3

  18. Case #3

  19. Case #3

  20. Facebook Ad targeting by race

  21. "If we are going to make the most of it,

    we need to take the chance to shape the digital world before it shapes us" — Martha Lane Fox
  22. A manifesto

  23. Responsible technology Does not knowingly deepen existing vulnerabilities and inequalities,

    or create new ones
  24. Responsible technology Protects existing democratic and human rights

  25. Responsible technology Is made by teams that are mindful of

    their ethical, social and human impact
  26. Responsible technology Has controls in place to react to and

    guard against unintended consequences
  27. Responsible technology Is designed with security and safety in mind

  28. "Be a good ancestor" — Alan Cooper

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  34. We are hiring! ✦Backend / DevOps ✦Mobile ✦Frontend poka.io