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1-2 Taste

Marketing OGZ
January 31, 2024

1-2 Taste

Marketing OGZ

January 31, 2024


  1. 2 • Co-Founder and CMO of 1-2-Taste • 20+ years

    in Digital and Ecommerce • But was newbie in Food Ingredients • 48 years old • Worked and lived in multiple countries • Lives in Den Haag, two daughters, cycles Connect: @klawer Who is this..? Jan Klawer
  2. 3 • Who works in ecommerce? • Who works in

    B2B? • Anyone working in food? Who are you? Audience poll
  3. 6 Innovation in food is needed Customers demand healthier, cleaner

    and more sustainable food But: finding and ordering ingredients is difficult…
  4. 7 The food industry faces challenges Food Manufacturers cannot find

    Ingredients Ingredient Suppliers can’t reach and support all Food Manufacturers 85% of Ingredients suppliers have difficulty serving SME’s (the longtail) 78% of SMEs have difficulty buying small quantities of ingredients to develop new products.
  5. 8 The global Food Ingredients Market is large but untapped

    digitally Global market size 2022: €400 billion* CAGR 2022 - 2030: ~5% *https://www.www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/specialty-food-ingredients-market, www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/bulk-food-ingredients-market-report, https://www.statista.com/study/44442/in-depth-report-b2b-e-commerce/ E-commerce B2B market share 2022 4% Food Ingredients 17% Home & Garden 74% Electronics Market share 50% SME (the longtail customers) €200 billion
  6. 9 1-2-Taste is built on the intersection of two mega

    trends Digitisation spend in B2B moving to online Healthy and Sustainable Food need to feed a growing population affordably &
  7. 10 • Food producers have an issue • Ingredient suppliers

    have an issue = 1-2-Taste: the platform connecting demand to supply for Food Ingredients & Services The World’s First Digital Food Ingredients Marketplace
  8. 12 TRIAL PRODUCTION Test processes, raw materials in real life.

    MARKET RESEARCH Research what the consumer audience wants from your product. MARKET LAUNCH Procure raw materials and initiate supply from own or contracted capacity. MARKET TEST Understand consumer preference to maximise the chance of success. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS As needed contract specific development skills for new development projects. PRODUCT IDEA / CONCEPT SALES But: Food product development process is complex SOURCE Order samples, trial production quantity and normal production FEASIBILITY STUDY Cost-benefit analysis if the product is likely to succeed. DEVELOP PRODUCT Create variations of the product concept.
  9. 13 Adapt to the (traditional) customer buying journey in your

    industry Take away the pain of your suppliers For both: take them by the hand towards digital Three main takeaways for a B2B marketplace (in food)
  10. 14 Adapt to the (traditional) customer buying journey in your

    industry Flexible order quantities starting from the smallest packaging quantity of the ingredient manufacturer Hybrid sales online DIY as much as possible, but supported by food experts when needed Rapid sampling all samples in-house - to support product development Transparency Open platform, all prices visible without login
  11. 15 “Ontzorgen” of the ingredient manufacturer by also reaching SME

    customers Transfer of the 'long tail' of customers of a supplier EU hub for non-EU suppliers Take away the pain of your suppliers Drop shipping but ‘fulfilled by 1-2-Taste’ if requested
  12. 16 FiFi (Food Ingredients Found Instantly) Gen AI product recommendation

    co-pilot Service partners for support on projects All product data online Product specifications, technical details and prices Take your users by the hand towards digital
  13. 17 Thank you for your attention. You can contact us:

    Jan Klawer (Co-Founder & CMO) [email protected] www.12taste.com