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Sustainability in ecommerce. Van trend naar de Norm - WWV Summer Edition 2021

Sustainability in ecommerce. Van trend naar de Norm - WWV Summer Edition 2021


Marketing OGZ

July 15, 2021


  1. DPD The Netherlands Sustainability in ecommerce

  2. Anoek van Dooremaal Compliance, Security & Sustainability Manager DPD The

    Netherlands 2
  3. Agenda 1. About DPD 2. Trend: Circular business models 3.

    Trend: Packaging 4. Trend: Alternative vehicles 5. Trend: Air Quality measurements 6. Trend: Carbon reporting 7. Involve your customers
  4. About DPD Your Delivery Experts 4

  5. DPDgroup’s international footprint 2020 5 1.9 B parcels delivered worldwide

    40% vs. 2019 7.5 M parcels delivered per day 11 B euros revenue +42% growth revenue vs. 2019 97,000 delivery experts
  6. 6 DPD Netherlands Gateway to Europe

  7. 7 By 2025 we want to reduce our CO2 emissions

    per parcel by 30%, and we will put the means and investments to achieve this goal. We strive to make the most meaningful impact, and will therefore concentrate on cities where the pollution and the population density is the highest. Our target is to deliver the 200 largest cities in Europe by 2025 with zero- and low-emission vehicles. We are committed to become a key partner for cities and customers to jointly make our planet a better place, because we all share the same address. The reference player in sustainable delivery Boris Winkelmann, Chairman & CEO of GeoPost / DPDgroup “ „
  8. Trends 8

  9. Contributing to the Circular Economy 9 1.

  10. 10 How we contribute to circular business models Using our

    network for reverse logistics Be a reference player in second-hand market transportation Now and in the future
  11. 1. Increase in reusable packaging or 2. less packaging 11

  12. 12 How can ecommerce contribute to responsible packaging? Cardboard is

    100 percent recyclable Custom packaging reduces shipping volume Source: More and more eco friendly filler material is available. In 2018, packaging waste generated was estimated at 174 kg per habitant in the EU (varying from 67.8 kg per inhabitant in Croatia and 227.5 kg per inhabitant in Germany)
  13. 13 How we contribute to responsible packaging 100% of our

    own packaging is sourced responsibly We pilot reusable packaging with customers 100% of pallets we receive is reused
  14. 1. Parcel delivery by bicycle or electric vehicles 14 3.

  15. 15 CSR is the backbone of our business Reduction in

    carbon emissions 89% Alternative Vehicles >7.000 80 New urban depots Investment in millions €200 Reduction in pollutants 80% Green delivery in 225 European cities by 2025
  16. 16 Dutch Climate Agreement Zero Emission zone in 30-40 largest

    cities in 2025 Decided Plans available, no decision yet No accouncement Status Zero Emission zones Source: Evofenedex (25-5-2021)
  17. Electrifying our Pickup & Delivery tours 17 Source: (January

    2020) Hub/Depot Zero emission city zones Urban Depot required In the dark green areas, we can replace the Pickup & Delivery tours 1 to 1 with electric vehicles, without exceeding the volume or distance limits
  18. 1. Air Quality measurements are becoming more important 18 4.

  19. Air quality hot topic 19

  20. Regions with high concentration of air pollutants (PM2.5 & NO2)

    have higher SARS-COV-2 infection rates with a higher mortality How air pollution influences the COVID-19 crisis Chronic exposure to air pollution creates respiratory symptoms And increases host susceptibility to respiratory diseases like COVID-19 Lungs exposed to high atmospheric air pollution levels may develop severe symptoms resulting in a worse outcome: • Dry cough • Fever • Pneumonia • Conjunctivitis • Insomnia • Dyspnea PM2.5 correlates with lung alveolar receptors increasing the viral load and imparing host defences SARS-COV-2 is also suspected to be using air pollutants like PM2.5 as a carrier to be diffused in the atmosphere and therefore increasing the infection rate although this is still an assumption
  21. 21 Our Air Quality Monitoring Programme Monitoring fine particles PM2.5

    in the largest cities of Europe Air Quality Information based on real measurements Millions of laser counts, street by street at breathing level Focused on the most critical health impactor, Fine Particles PM2.5 An ambitious deployment plan in 20 European cities by 2021 Mobile sensors Fixed stations • Installed on 20 pickup points per city • 24/7 air quality data collection and quality control • Installed on 100 vehicles per city • Air quality data collection during delivery tours Deployed in 6 European cities: Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rotterdam, Den Haag and London
  22. Air Quality Rotterdam 22

  23. 23 Air quality information for consignees Consignee address selection Air

    quality level • The platform is available only for consignees located in cities part of the programme • Each city has its own DPD branded AirDiag website • Air quality index provided on a circular meter with WHO air quality guidelines • City air quality heatmap providing insights on your surroundings
  24. 24

  25. 1. Carbon reporting: Bewust Bezorgd and Carbon Calculator 25 5.

  26. Partnership Bewust Bezorgd 26 Calculate CO₂ emissions per parcel

  27. A comprehensive and reliable customer reporting solution Our DPDgroup Carbon

    calculator – How it works ? 1. Data Collection & Consolidation 2. Data Processing 3. Data Reporting • All operational data collected at local level through our IT and track & trace systems are collected within our European-wide network • Data from our partners are also available (e.g. PostNord) • The calculation of parcel level greenhouse gas emissions are done on a weekly basis in our systems • Our calculation methodology is compliant with EN 16258 and ISO 14064 norms and has been audited by a third party • Customer level reporting available on a monthly, quartlerly, biannual or annual basis • Our carbon report comes with a carbon neutrality certificate certifying that we offset all your parcels’ GHG emissions Our carbon calculator is based on operational data collected throughout the journey of your parcels in our network to provide the most reliable GHG emission information.
  28. Our carbon report – How does it look like ?

    Standard carbon report Carbon neutral certificate Carbon report scope Global results and KPIs Monthly KPI evolution Operational data Top 5 destination countries by GHG emission GHG emissions offset Carbon neutral certificate scope Our carbon neutral certification
  29. 1. Involve your customer 29 6.

  30. CSR report including results of the EU E-shopper survey 30

  31. 31 For more information: Download the CSR report on Any questions?