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Are you a seo beginner and want to know all about the seo concepts? If so then you are at the right place where you can find all about the seo basics concepts. Read the document where all the important information is given in a very easy way. To get the seo toronto services, visit the website-


Marketing Blitz

August 27, 2021


  1. Basic Seo Concepts for Beginners

  2. Table of Contents Introduction Important SEO Terminologies- Backlinks Internal Links

    White Hat Black Hat On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO SERP PageRank Bounce Rate Click-Through Rate (CTR) Search Engine Optimization
  3. Introduction Before discussing more on Seo, you need to know

    What is SEO? As most of us already know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing a website’s visibility and traffic in organic search results on search engines. In more simple terms, ranking your website in a higher position attracts more attention from users who are searching for what you are offering. It means, if your website is ranked on the first page of the search engine results pages, then there are more chances to get more user traffic on your website. WHAT IS SEO
  4. Important SEO Terminologies If you are a beginner for SEO,

    you require first to understand the seo basics. This includes some terminologies used in ranking any website. Further is a list of some of the most common terms you can read for your knowledge. BASIC CONCEPTS
  5. 1 When a web page is referenced in another website,

    or linked to another page with content that has the web address of your website, is called a Backlink. BACKLINKS 2 An internal link is in a hyperlink format that connects an image or document or webpage within the same website's another webpage. INTERNAL LINKS
  6. 3 White hat seo refers to tactics used to rank

    a website that is in accordance with the search engine ranking algorithm. Meta Title, DescriptioN, Keywords, backlinks are included in the algorithms. WHITE HAT 4 Black hat SEO refers to unethical tactics that violate or disobey search engines' rules and regulations and increase the spam work. BLACK HAT
  7. 5 On-page SEO refers to all the seo activities that

    you can do within your website to increase the visibility and rank in searches results. ON-PAGE SEO 6 This is the most important part of seo that is done outside of your website to improve its rank on Google search engines. Off-page, seo includes the backlinks. OFF-PAGE SEO
  8. 7 It stands for ‘’search engine results pages’’ and these

    pages are displayed when users search for something on Google. SERP 8 This is an algorithm that Google uses to rank websites in search results. PageRank analysis the authority and importance of a page with the help of quality links. PAGERANK
  9. 9 Bounce Rate means how many times users leave your

    website without doing any activity. If your website does not deliver the desired content or information that a user comes to search and leaves your website without taking any action then your website may be not ranked well due to bounce rate. A higher bounce rate means, less chance to rank on google. BOUNCE RATE 10 CTR refers to the number of clicking on your content by the users when they come across it. CTR is important in SEO. CLICK- THROUGH RATE (CTR)
  10. Conclusion If you have a small business, you have to

    focus on finding geo- focused keywords so that you can easily rank without fierce competition. If you have a large business website, then you need to focus on technical SEO. If you have a business in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto, then take advantage of local SEO Services Brampton to dominate and expand your business. You can hire Marketing Blitz. We are also experts in Seo Mississauga, Seo Toronto, and will do complete SEO for growing your business online. 21
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