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Full­stack developer with Django and AngularJS

Full­stack developer with Django and AngularJS

A training session for Django and Angular newcomers


Massimiliano Pippi

April 26, 2014

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  1. 26.Apr.2014 AppDays @ Pordenone Google Developer Group http://gdg-perugia.org

  2. Massimiliano Pippi Software Developer, Python Lover, Dad. @maxpippi http://github.com/masci http://dev.pippi.im

    https://evonove.it Who are you?
  3. Emanuele Palazzetti Python developer, Android and Javascript lover @palazzem http://github.com/palazzem

    http://git.palazzetti.me https://evonove.it Who are you?
  4. Full­stack developer with Django and AngularJS

  5. Full Stack? ‘00: Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP (LAMP) Today: Linux,

    WSGI, Postgres, Python, SPAs SPA = Single Page Application (JS, Dart)
  6. Schedule • Design and implement a Reddit clone (60min) •

    Expose a REST Api for the service (45min) • Run the service locally (10min) • Pause (10min) • Design and implement a SPA with Angular (60min) • Make the app talk with the service and enjoy (55min)
  7. and now for something completely different Let’s Code! https://github.com/Tinkergarage/appdays2014

  8. Reddit

  9. Business Model Link title (type: text) url (type: url) upvotes

    (type: int) downvotes (type: int) nsfw (type: boolean)
  10. The Router URL Style HTTP Method Action URL Name [.format]

    GET root view api-root {prefix}/[.format] GET list {basename}-list {prefix}/[.format] POST create {basename}-list {prefix}/{lookup}/[.format] GET retrieve {basename}-detail {prefix}/{lookup}/[.format] PUT update {basename}-detail {prefix}/{lookup}/[.format] PATCH partial_update {basename}-detail {prefix}/{lookup}/[.format] DELETE destroy {basename}-detail {prefix}/{lookup}/{methodname}/[.format] GET @link decorated method {basename}-{methodname} {prefix}/{lookup}/{methodname}/[.format] POST @action decorated method {basename}-{methodname}
  11. Design and implement a SPA with Angular Where we can

  12. Javascript ninja tools

  13. Javascript ninja tools

  14. Javascript ninja tools