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Atmospheric Changes

Atmospheric Changes


Matt Graham

May 19, 2014


  1. Atmospheric Changes Matt Graham Graham @michigangraham

  2. We Are GitHubbers

  3. NOTE: The benefit of a college experience is not necessarily

    the education itself.
  4. “Sure. I can’t do any worse than what I’ve seen

    on the web.”
  5. I’ve designed for many arenas: Print (Product Design, Newspaper, Collateral,

    Magazine, Annual Reports), Environmental / Outdoor, Interactive / Web Apps / iOS ...
  6. Atmosphere matters.

  7. Corporate

  8. Freelance

  9. Medical / Education

  10. The Small Agency #AtmosphericFail

  11. Design without Direction Development without Deployment People as Property

  12. “Because I did not have my own atmosphere I lived

    off the one they created”
  13. You must be in the forest to hear the tree

  14. What are you passionate for? Align your goals with that.

    ...then push yourself further.
  15. Didn’t change the work environment, changed my design and development.

  16. Humility, Trust and Respect.

  17. Align yourself with people with similar vision.

  18. Ordered List

  19. We Are GitHubbers

  20. Get an Atmosphere