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From Developer To Architect

From Developer To Architect

A year ago I was looking for a job, and ended up taking a job as a "Technical Architect".

But what exactly is a Technical Architect?

Weren't Software Architects a thing in the 90s, cast away when we learnt about Agile?

In this talk I'm going to tell the story of my year as a Technical Architect in government, and hopefully convince you that there is a place for just enough architecture in modern software development.

Presented at Codeaholics in Hong Kong on August 8th 2018


Matthew Rudy Jacobs

August 08, 2018


  1. from Developer to Architect Matthew Rudy Jacobs Wednesday August 8th

    2018 @ Codeaholics HK
  2. I'm Matthew @matthewrudy

  3. I like sunglasses

  4. I started Codeaholics With Eddie and Steve

  5. Thought Sauce

  6. (My) First HK Ruby meetup

  7. Unfortunately, the doodle has gone.

  8. 2010 Christmas Party

  9. The first ever Codeaholics

  10. I ran Hong Kong Code Conf 2014-2016

  11. Hong Kong Code Conf 2014

  12. Hong Kong Code Conf 2015

  13. Hong Kong Code Conf 2016

  14. Wouldn't have been possible without

  15. the venue

  16. the team

  17. the attendees

  18. Hong Kong Code Conf 2017?

  19. 2 days after CodeConf 2016

  20. I ended up back in the UK

  21. Anyway

  22. From Developer To Architect

  23. It's a story about me

  24. But it's also about you

  25. Developer

  26. Architect

  27. Developer

  28. Architect

  29. Architect

  30. The Transition

  31. Chief Architect?

  32. This was my job

  33. I'm a "Technical Architect"

  34. For the UK government

  35. In Central London

  36. I work on "gogovan for prisoners"

  37. Career Progression • Learn to code • Junior Developer •

    Mid-level Developer • Senior Developer • Lead Developer • Technical Architect • CTO?
  38. But, what is an Architect?

  39. UML?

  40. What is a Technical Architect?

  41. https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=wDLTSOqNEPU

  42. "a developer who gets sent to a lot of meetings"

  43. "supporting the evolution from project, to product, to platform"

  44. What do I do all day?

  45. I talk with "the business"

  46. I meet with "users"

  47. I work with "developers"

  48. I think about what tradeoffs to make

  49. I draw pictures

  50. I code

  51. I do Ops

  52. I write beautiful technical documents

  53. In summary

  54. "I'm a mini-CTO"

  55. Winning!

  56. Theory Time

  57. https://pragprog.com/book/mkdsa/design-it

  58. "software architecture is the set of significant design decisions about

    how the software is organised to promote desired quality attributes and other properties"
  59. Quality Attributes • Availability • Performance • Scalability • Security

    • Maintainability • Affordability •
  60. Architecturally Significant Requirements • Constraints • Quality Attributes • Influential

    Functional Requirements • Other influences • Time • Knowledge • Politics •
  61. 6 ways Software Architecture helps

  62. "it turns a big problem into smaller, more manageable problems"

  63. "it shows people how to work together"

  64. "it looks beyond features and functionality"

  65. "it provides a vocabulary for talking about complex ideas"

  66. "it helps you avoid costly mistakes"

  67. "it enables agility"

  68. Why don't most startups have Architects?

  69. They do They just call them Developers

  70. But often they don't have enough time

  71. Give them some time

  72. Hire an architect!

  73. Hire me?

  74. One more thing

  75. Hong Kong Code Conf 2018?

  76. Thanks