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Development Workflow at BlaBlaCar

Development Workflow at BlaBlaCar

Symfony Live Paris 2013

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Matthieu Moquet

April 04, 2013


  1. Development workflow

  2. $developer Matthieu Moquet MattKetmo The quality guy Yoann Brault Opium84

  3. What is BlaBlaCar ?

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  5. …and more than 200 white-label websites.

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  7. Benefits Less CO2 Social++ Less traffic Low cost

  8. 3 000 000 members A large community

  9. 8 countries § France § Spain § Italy § UK § Poland § Portugal § Netherlands § Benelux

  10. 50 millions 25 millions January 2008 January 2013 Growth Page

  11. Infrastructure ü 2  physical  fronts   ü 1  MySQL  master  +  4

     slaves  SSD   ü 1  private  cloud  (KVM  +  Open  vSwitch)   o  Redis   o  Memcache   o  RabbitMQ/workers   ü 1  cluster  ElasEcSearch  
  12. Why migrate to Symfony?

  13. …quand je dois corriger un bug dans du code "historique"

    Source: http://lesjoiesducode.tumblr.com
  14. Why migrate to Symfony2 ? §  « Separation of concerns

    » §  Services isolation (Bundles/Components) §  Unit & functional tests §  Scalability/maintainability o Modern Framework PHP 5.3+ o Active community o SensioLabs expertise
  15. How to migrate to Symfony?

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  17. Migration Strategy 2 applications with same database

  18. OLD   NEW   Progressive Migration

  19. Behind the scene…

  20. Development Workflow

  21. A day at BlaBlaCar… •  Up to 15 deployments per

    days •  Default environment is localhost •  Common development server •  Fast reaction time
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  23. Workflow git Branching  model:   ü  dev ü  preprod ü 

    master   §  Cherry-­‐pick  to  deploy   §  Branch  for  long  features  
  24. Workflow git : the bad parts •  Discontinuous workflow à

    May cause inconsistencies •  It complicates long features •  Intermediate branches are boring
  25. None
  26. Git Flow Consistent workflow, but not adapted to our needs

  27. GitHub Flow « We typically deploy dozens of times per

    day and ship new features regularly » — Brian Doll http://scottchacon.com/2011/08/31/github-flow.html
  28. Tools (before) Issue tracker Repository manager Pull Request Code Review

    Continuous Integration Trac gitolite (Internal) pmsipilot/Crew Jenkins
  29. None
  30. None
  31. Tools (now) Issue tracker Repository manager Pull Request Code Review

    Continuous Integration Jira Stash Stash Stash Bamboo
  32. None
  33. Internal organization ü Product team conceives features and creates Jira tickets

    ü Tickets are distributed to developers each week ü Developers resolve those tickets (captain obvious) ü Product team validates the implementation ü Q/A team checks everything works ü Minidevs are for Friday
  34. ü How does the product team validate the changes? ü How does

    the Q/A team check everything works as expected? GitHub Flow, That’s cool, but…
  35. Prototypes

  36. Prototypes GOAL Make available any branch on our development servers

    HOW? – API REST Symfony2 – Javascript client – PHP Workers
  37. How Prototypes works? $ git checkout -b hipster-feature # commit

    code... $ git push origin hipster-feature
  38. None
  39. Environments $debug !$debug DEV PROD

  40. Loads of time saved ü Easy access to dev or prod

    database ü Product & Q/A team can test a branch directly with « real » data ü We can debug production with the Symfony WDT (Web Debug Toolbar)
  41. Summary Code à Test à Review à Deploy à Validate

    à Merge
  42. …quand j’ai une idée de feature Source: http://lesjoiesducode.tumblr.com

  43. Translations

  44. Translations workflow RULE #1 o Translations must be editable at any

    moment o Developers are not required to update translations à  Save translations in database
  45. Translations workflow RULE #2 •  Do NOT "SELECT * From

    translations" for each HTTP request •  Keep translations app cache in each frontal server à  Only keep token in Redis
  46. Translations workflow HTTP   Request   TranslaEon   Service  

    isFresh()   false   SELECT translations   Update   app/cache   $lastModified >= $redis->get('last_modif') ? true : false;  
  47. Translations workflow ü  Once  the  feature  is  finished,  the  branch

     is  waiEng  for   the  product  &  Q/A  team  validaEon   ü  Meanwhile,  internaEonal  team  translates  all  the  new   strings     ü  Before  merging  to  master,  the  new  strings  have  already   been  translated   ü  At  any  moment  they  can  be  updated,  even  aVer  a   deployment  
  48. ü  FULLTEXT search tool ü  Debug mode How to find

    the right translations keys?
  49. Translator DebugMode // AcmeBundle/Translator.php class Translator extends BaseTranslator { protected

    $debugMode; public function trans($id, $parameters, $domain = 'messages', $locale = null) { if ($this->debugMode) { return $id; } return parent::trans($id, $parameters, $domain, $locale); } } // AcmeBundle/DebugListener.php public function onKernelRequest(GetResponseEvent $e) { $request = $e->getRequest(); if (/* put your own logic here */) { $this->translator->setDebug(true); } }
  50. None
  51. Emailing

  52. Rendering emails GOAL •  Display any email without having to

    perform the associated actions •  See the rendering with different locales or with DebugMode à  Let’s make an interface for that…
  53. Email Renderer Interface interface EmailRendererInterface { /** * @return string

    */ public function getTemplate(); /** * @return Form */ public function getForm(); } public function renderAction(Request $request) { $renderer = // ... $form = $renderer->getForm(); if ('POST' === $request->getMethod() && $form->bind($request)->isValid()) { return $this->render($renderer->getTemplate(), $form->getData()) } return $this->render('EmailRenderer:index.html.twig'); }
  54. None
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  56. Front-end development

  57. Front-end development GOAL •  Allow front-end developers to easily create

    Twig templates •  Do not interfere with existing templates <form action="{{ path('foo') }}" {{ form_enctype(form) }}> {{ form_widget(form) }} <input type="submit" /> </form> class AcmeExtension extends \Twig_Extension { public function getFilters() { return array( 'price' => new \Twig_Filter_Method( $this, 'priceFilter'), ); } }
  58. Front-end development SOLUTION •  Create a dedicated folder for front-end

    templates •  List those templates in development environment only # AcmeDevBundle/Resources/views Design "## index.html.twig $## templates "## demo % $## example.html.twig "## profile % "## annonces.html.twig % "## dashboard.html.twig % "## vehicles.html.twig % $## verifications.html.twig "## registration % "## phone-fill.html.twig % $## register.html.twig "## search % "## empty.html.twig % "## no-result.html.twig % $## search.html.twig "## static % "## apps.html.twig % "## howto.html.twig % $## trust.html.twig $## widget $## widget.html.twig
  59. Front-end development class DesignController { public function indexAction() { $files

    = Finder::create()->files()->in($this->templateDirectory); return $this->render('AcmeCoreBundle:Design:index.html.twig', array( 'files' => $files )); } public function showAction(Request $request, $template) { $filename = $this->templateDirectory.'/'.$template; if (!file_exists($filename)) { throw $this->createNotFoundException(); } return $this->render( 'AcmeCoreBundle:Design:templates/'.$template, $request->query->all(); // convert parameters from the request ); } }
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  63. Tests

  64. Continuous Integration

  65. Yoann Brault Opium84 Meet Yoann, not a developer The quality

  66. Quality Assurance 6 years experience in web and mobile application

  67. My role in the BlaBlaCar team The product and marketing

    teams write specifications Developers implement them The Q/A. verifies that the specifications are respected
  68. Problematic of Q.A. Ensure that the entire site works on

    all browsers, for all languages ​​ and avoid regression
  69. The adopted solution Automation for the Scenario execution on production

    environment on available prototypes
  70. An example for the search functionnality on the BlaBlacar website

    First we define the function to be tested Then we define the scenario
  71. Paris Reims We have what is expected Submit the form

    An example for the search functionnality on the BlaBlacar website
  72. We have what was expected An example for the search

    functionnality on the BlaBlacar website
  73. Here, the result of the executed scenario An example for

    the search functionnality on the BlaBlacar website
  74. Here is the result of the tests. Those are launched

    two to three times a day. Below the 34 scenarios were all successful Below, 1 failed scenario, resulting in 7 ignored steps. An example for the search functionnality on the BlaBlacar website
  75. Screenshots are always usefull to better understand why the test

    failed An example for the search functionnality on the BlaBlacar website
  76. List of current automatic tests I can register a new

    account I can't use an email already in use I can create a new alert I can check the lowest/max price I can add preference I can post a new trip I can check the ladies only option and check if the trip is available for men I create a new roundtrip I Can check the sharing options and change them I can access the alerts tab I Can signup with a FB account on Landing Pages 3 I can verify a phone number I can perform a classic search I can perform a search only with departure city I can perform a search only with arrival city I can connect with Facebook, […] I check for private message notification […] I can delete a trip I can add a car to my profile I can remove a car from my profile I Can signup with a FB account on Landing Pages 1 I can add a bio to my profile I can check if the photo notification is available I can create a trip with stepover I can post a new trip, make a return and duplicate the trip I can sign up in with a FB account I can search each subtrip from a trip with stepover I can access to the post trip page from the homepage I can request a new password I can erase an account I Can signup with a FB account on Landing Pages 4 I can perform a search from the homepage I can check some short urlAcces to the backoffice to verify that the short link page is ok ...
  77. Future of automatic tests We have developed a tool to

    make things easier and faster
  78. Deployments

  79. …quand je fais une mise en prod Source: http://lesjoiesducode.tumblr.com

  80. How to MEP? $ ./mep.sh

  81. How to MEP? Yo dude! it’s time to deploy [RSYNC]

    Gimme the code
  82. Monitoring

  83. More details on our tech blog http://tech.covoiturage.fr

  84. What is YOUR development workflow?

  85. Thank you! Slides available at http://moquet.net/talks/symfony-live-2013 We’re  hiring!   Leave

    feedbacks @MattKetmo