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Localization should not be a pain (anymore)

Localization should not be a pain (anymore)

SymfonyCon 2014 LT

Matthieu Moquet

November 27, 2014

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  1. Localization should not be a pain (anymore)

  2. Matthieu Moquet @MattKetmo

  3. None
  4. Several deployments a day

  5. Basic workflow Create a branch from master Commit & validate

    Merge & push to prod
  6. What about translations?

  7. In a nutshell It’s not the job of the developers

    to maintain the translations. Developers only create the default translations. Translations will need to evolve independently from the developers.
  8. BlablacarTranslationBundle edit + deploy + debug

  9. Will you open-source your TranslationBundle?

  10. Nein! Nein! Nein!

  11. What about existing solutions?

  12. There are already some Symfony bundles doing the job o 

    Kunstmaan/KunstmaanTranslatorBundle o  lexik/LexikTranslationBundle o  servergrove/TranslationEditorBundle o  schmittjoh/JMSTranslationBundle o  Elao/ElaoFormTranslationBundle o  Incenteev/IncenteevTranslationCheckerBundle o  matteosister/TranslationBundle o  Wiakowe/TranslationBundle o  Pierstoval/TranslationBundle o  fre5h/TranslationBundle o  GiZystems/TranslationBundle o  dinecat/I18nBundle o  PUGX/PUGXI18nBundle o  emmanuelballery/EBTranslationBundle
  13. PoEdit

  14. Pootle

  15. Oh c’mon, show me some sexy stuff!

  16. None
  17. None
  18. transifex.com crowdin.net oneskyapp.com phraseapp.com poeditor.com zanata.org getlocalization.com webtranslateit.com localeapp.com localise.biz

    weblate.org …
  19. Very cool but it’s maybe overkill or too expensive for

    your needs
  20. Hey, let’s create a new one! :)

  21. Simple & Flexible powered by open-source

  22. OpenLocalization

  23. Demo

  24. openl10n/openl10n Symfony FOSRestBundle Backbone (deprecated)

  25. openl10n/openl10n-app AngularJS No Bootstrap

  26. openl10n/openl10n-sdk Guzzle 4+

  27. openl10n/openl10n-cli Symfony Console

  28. http://openl10n.io

  29. Thank you Slides available at moquet.net/talks/symfonycon-2014 Leave feedbacks @MattKetmo