Activities, Intents, Tasks, and the Back Stack (360|AnDev, July 2017)

Activities, Intents, Tasks, and the Back Stack (360|AnDev, July 2017)

The Android operating system is unique in the way that it manages the series of screens with which a user can interact. Generally, we know these “screens” as activities, though we can make exceptions for smaller components like fragments and views. As application developers, we create activities and move between them with intents. However, the way that Android uses intents to create, destroy, and maintain a “stack” of Activities is mostly hidden from us — for good reason! In this talk, we’ll work towards a solid understanding of activities, intents, tasks, and the back stack. We may also take a quick look into the mechanisms by which the Android operating system orchestrates all of these things internally.


Matt Logan

July 13, 2017