Humanitarian Open Street Map Team: Haiti Kiosk Mapping Overview

Humanitarian Open Street Map Team: Haiti Kiosk Mapping Overview

Presented to internal staff at RIDOLFI Inc. A high-level overview of OSM, the efforts of HOT in Haiti, and the work performed to create prototype kiosk maps for settlement camps.


Matthew Kenny

March 03, 2011


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    Overview • What is OpenStreetMap (OSM) • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

    (HOT) • Humanitarian Data Model • IOM Kiosk Mapping
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    • A wiki-style freely editable map of the world •

    Add data through: – Web – Desktop – GPS – Paper Maps OpenStreetMap
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    Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team • Utilize OSM for Humanitarian Response &

    Economic Development • "The mission is to support use of OSM on the ground in Haiti within groups of UN and international responders, the Haitian Government, and Haitian civil society. – Mikel Maron
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    Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team • Four Missions to Haiti • Training

    personnel in field data collection • Organized working relationships with other humanitarian orgs and the Haitian national mapping agency. Credit: Dane Springmeyer
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    Humanitarian Data Model • Data are collected from a wide-variety

    of teams using different methods • Open-endedness of OSM data model can lead to disorganization • HDM, a common set of standards which all imported data will adhere to Credit: Dane Springmeyer
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    Looking Forward • Knight News Challenge Grant Attempt • Comunite

    OpenStreetMap de Haiti (COSMHA) – Sponsored by IOM – Over 200 volunteer mappers • Build Services Around the HDM