PntTrax @ King County GIS User Group - Feb 2013

PntTrax @ King County GIS User Group - Feb 2013

Focused on imparting the benefits of simple open source web apps in small businesses. Specifically, creating a tool which empowers a project manager to locate GPS datasets quickly and efficiently, without requiring intervention from a GIS staffer to locate and convert these data into a format consumable by the client.


Matthew Kenny

February 06, 2013


  1. 10.

    The Problem •Where is it on our file system? •Active

    Projects? •Inactive Projects? Thursday, April 4, 13
  2. 11.

    The Problem •Lack of institutional knowledge. • Data often pre-date

    my tenure at RIDOLFI. • I may have been in college or high school when some of these data were collected. Thursday, April 4, 13
  3. 12.

    The Problem •Poor storage / record keeping results in a

    loss of efficiency. •Longer turn around time to client. •Higher level of effort expended ($$$). Thursday, April 4, 13
  4. 13.

    The Goal • Empower data users (PMs --> Clients) to

    have access the data they need. • Remove myself from the fulfillment of the data request. • Focus on cleaning and maintaining the datasets themselves. Thursday, April 4, 13
  5. 20.

    In Conclusion • See a simple and often repeated task?

    Automate it. • Open Source Tools == Great. They’re free. • Batteries Included == Great. Focus on the hard stuff. Thursday, April 4, 13