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Why Modern PHP is Awesome And How You Can Use It Today

by Matt Stauffer

Published April 25, 2014 in Programming

From PeersConf 2014, a conference primarily for PHP developers working with ExpressionEngine, Craft, Statamic, and CodeIgniter.

The PHP language and its community have seen incredible growth in the last few years. It can be hard to keep up with the pace of new development, and harder to keep our sites up-to-date. But these new packages, practices, and SAASes have amazing potential to improve our sites' flexibility, power, ease of development, and longevity. This isn't just for brand-new frameworks like Laravel, either--CMSes like Craft and PyroCMS have them baked in, and even ExpressionEngine and Codeigniter can be modified to work with modern PHP. Learn about Composer, Packagist, SOLID, SAASes, exceptions, PSRs, and how these and many more tools and practices will transform your experience of PHP.

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