The Magic of Laravel

The Magic of Laravel

What has made Laravel magic? What can keep it magic going forward?


Matt Stauffer

July 25, 2019


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    From the very beginning of Laravel, I’ve had this idea

    that all people want to feel like they are part of something. It’s a natural human instinct to want to belong and be accepted into a group of other like-minded people. So, by injecting personality into a web framework and being really active with the community, that type of feeling can grow in the community. - Taylor, Product and Support Interview Community BELONGING Laravel’s Magic
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    • StackOverflow • Blogs • Books • GitHub Community TEACHING

    AND SHARING Laravel’s Magic • IRC/Slack/Discord • Meetups & Laravel Lives • Twitter • Video courses
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    • X number of countries • No pretense about PHP

    devs or JavaScript devs or WordPress devs • RAD & CQRS in the same community • Rush to be the teacher = rush to be a helper Community INCLUSIVITY Laravel’s Magic
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    • “I really felt like whoever has the best documentation

    is gonna win. Whoever is the most accessible and approachable is gonna win. That’s why WordPress is so hugely popular.”
 - Taylor Otwell, interview with Justin Jackson • “I found a new project but the docs don’t show me how to actually use it so wtf”
 - Adam Wathan, tweeted like 50 different times • “This package would do exactly what I wanted but it’s gonna take me 3 hours to learn how to use it so I’ll just write the code in 20 minutes.”
 - Me, every time I live stream Docs Laravel’s Magic
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    • “The easiest solution wins.”
 - Taylor Otwell, interview with

    Justin Jackson Developer Happiness Laravel’s Magic • “Happy developers make the best code”
 - The Laravel docs • “Developer happiness from download to deploy”
 - The unofficial Laravel slogan for a while
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    • Simple, predictable, easy-to-use API • Convention over Configuration •

    Abstract out repetitive tasks • Learn from others • Scratch (your own/Taylor’s) itch Developer Happiness Laravel’s Magic
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    Keep up with new trends 2. Try some new things

    Innovate! Ease the onramp to Laravel developership Listen to new blood
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