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Mathieu Ledru

January 21, 2007

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  1. The fractals in the human’s body This cauliflower is fractal!

    Some elements of the body’s corp are the same! Let us prove it @matyo91 30-01-2007
  2. All the objects we view have the same property A

    fragment of the object look as the object itself! This is call : Self-similarity Self-similarity @matyo91 @matyo91 30-01-2007
  3. Menger sponge The number of cubes increases by : 20^n.

    Where n is the number of iterations performed on the first cube @matyo91 30-01-2007
  4. It has a fine structure at arbitrarily small scales It

    possess the self-similarity structure It can have a non-integer dimension property of a fractal’s object @matyo91 @matyo91 30-01-2007
  5. That is to say 1 the side of the initial

    triangle. Then in the second stage, the side of the three triangles and we got a shape twice larger. d= log(3)/ log(2) = 1.58 
 For S(3), we got 
 d = log(27)/log(8) = 1.58 Dimension of the Sierpinsky’s triangle @matyo91 30-01-2007
  6. Process @matyo91 30-01-2007 z0=0 
 z n+1 = zn2 +

    c and c is a complex. For each pixel of the screen, we associate a value of c. 
 If zi has a module higher than 2, the sequence diverges and the pixel is drawn color i. 
 When the sequence does not diverge, the pixel in black is colored
  7. The virtual images @matyo91 30-01-2007 On the computer, one can

    reveal virtual images of natural objects of a great complexity and of one extraordinary resemblance.
  8. In industry @matyo91 30-01-2007 They are in the origin of

    : new materials of insulation like polymers. Processes of recovery of oil by injection of fluids under pressure in the porous rocks Etc.
  9. Hello! I Am Mathieu Ledru You can contact me at

    @matyo91 @matyo91 Thanks! Any questions? 30-01-2007