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me.io Group Intro

me.io Group Intro

Introducing the developer community - me.io
A quick overview about the developer nation.
Why should you build and join a community?
Roadmap and goals.

Check the reset of the presentations @ https://me.io/meetup-1/files

Mohamed Meabed

December 20, 2018

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  1. @meabed 2 @meabed https://github.com/meabed https://meabed.com Hello! I am Mohamed Meabed

    I am here because I love to share, learn and meet like-minded awesomes You can find me at
  2. @meabed open-source, practical knowledge, tech culture, career growth and connecting

    developers together. A Developer Community - me.io @meiohq https://github.com/me-io/community https://me.io
  3. @meabed 23 million developers ~ 4 Billion computer 6 *

    Global Developer Population and Demographic 2018 Vol. 1 With Growth 6% and 8% each year leading up to 2023 27.7 million.
  4. @meabed And a lot more... × Continuous learning, Creativity and

    innovation × Participate and contribute to opensource projects × Diversity and cultural exchange × Give and get feedback, advices and opinions × Surround yourself with smart folks 15
  5. @meabed “ You’re the average of the five people spend

    the most time with. — Jim Rohn 16
  6. @meabed “ You will never see an eagle of distinction

    flying low with pigeons of mediocrity. — Onyi Anyado 17
  7. @meabed “ If you're the smartest one in the room,

    you're in the wrong room. — Richard Tirendi 18
  8. @meabed 19 Roadmap × 3 Meetups every month × Saudi

    - Riyadh Meetup × Publish a few OSS projects × UAE Dev Hackathon 2019 × UAE Tech 2020 Conference
  9. @meabed Build together × Be active and attend meetup, invite

    others, discuss topics and ideas × Share, present and speak in meetup × Help us prepare, organize, host and take care of logistics work × Help and support community members × Participate in group activities × And everything else :) 20
  10. @meabed Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at 21

    @meabed https://github.com/meabed https://meabed.com