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There's a Bootcamp for That!

There's a Bootcamp for That!

Today in the US, we have a big problem with higher education. Web dev bootcamps like the Flatiron School have emerged in the past 2 years to produce job-ready junior developers. Where did these schools come from? Do they work? And what do they imply for the future composition of our industry, i.e. software engineering?


Matt Campbell

August 29, 2014


  1. there’s a bootcamp for that!

  2. there’s a bootcamp for that! How (& Why) Web Dev

    Bootcamps Are Transforming Our Industry
  3. there’s a bootcamp for that! How (& Why) Web Dev

    Bootcamps Are Transforming Our Industry @mecampbellsoup
  4. there’s a bootcamp for that! How (& Why) Web Dev

    Bootcamps Are Transforming Our Industry @mecampbellsoup (follow me… i’ll wait)
  5. show of hands please!

  6. have you heard of a web development “bootcamp” before?

  7. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use

    to change the world.”
  8. let’s discuss what we’re going to discuss…

  9. None
  10. 4 STORIES.

  11. MY STORY!

  12. Higher Education’s Story.

  13. The Web Dev Bootcamp Story.

  14. Our Story!

  15. Part 1: My Story

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  17. None
  18. None
  19. None
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  22. None
  23. Make Yourself Useful.

  24. None
  25. None
  26. None
  27. what does my degree mean for me today?

  28. Part 2: HIGHER Education’s Story

  29. Brace yourselves for this economic 1-2-3-4 punch!

  30. 1. Per-student debt levels continue to climb.

  31. None
  32. 2. The % of students taking out loans to pay

    for college continues to rise.
  33. None
  34. 3. Student debt climbs, while expected earnings slide.

  35. (This is really the problem with the higher education US

    system today in one chart.)
  36. None
  37. 4. Relative to other goods, the cost of education is

  38. None
  39. None
  40. We just saw costs are rising while expected earnings are

  41. Well, these numbers don’t look so bad…

  42. Note: The system is NOT broken for the MIT’s and

    Harvard’s of the world…
  43. It’s broken for the remaining 90% of American college students.

  44. Ouch.

  45. Quick Facts on US Education ❖ Nearly 1/3 of those

    who take out such loans eventually drop out of college; they must still repay their debts.! ❖ Overall, the six-year graduation rate for four-year institutions is only 59%.
  46. Taking on debt without obtaining a degree = dangerous financial

  47. Quick Facts on US Education ❖ Half of all graduates

    said they would choose a different major or school
  48. if we could go back in time, who here would

    choose a different college major?
  49. Think of some jobs that do NOT require a college

  50. guess: what % of college graduates end up working jobs

    like that after college?
  51. 42% of recent graduates are in jobs that require less

    than a four-year college education Source: McKinsey & Co.
  52. None
  53. So…. Why are people still going to college?

  54. It’s the only option!

  55. None
  56. None
  57. None
  58. Going to college is first class. Not going to college

    is second class.
  59. High school seniors who can't declare they are college bound

    are made to feel like failures.
  60. Part 3: The Web Dev Bootcamp Story

  61. A WEB DEV WHAT?! ❖ What is a bootcamp? ❖

    How does a bootcamp work? ❖ How has the bootcamp industry grown? ❖ Show me some performance metrics (industry avg., Flatiron School…)!

  63. Coding bootcamps are intensive, full- time, months-long programs designed to

    train students for a full-time job as an entry-level developer.
  64. None
  65. Imagine combining all those sleepless nights in college where you

    would cram before the exam or work for 14 hours straight to finish your coding project.
  66. That’s what a bootcamp is — intense learning with very

    little wasted time, and perhaps more importantly, no wasted information.
  67. Bull$%*^!


  69. 504 VS. 720

  70. 504 VS. 720 NYU Bachelor’s in Marketing Degree • 12

    credits • 1 credit = 3 hrs. / week * 14 weeks = 42 hrs. / credit • 42 hrs. / credit * 12 credits = ~504 hrs. total Source: New York University website
  71. 504 VS. 720 Flatiron School Ruby on Rails Web Development

    Bootcamp • 12 weeks * 6 days / week = 72 days • 10 hrs. / day * 72 days = ~720 hours total Source: Personal experience & peer survey

  73. None
  74. None
  75. WORK HARD.

  76. BE NICE.


  78. None
  79. None
  80. In 2014, bootcamps will graduate one student for every eight

    computer science graduates. Source: Course Report Bootcamp Market Size Study, 2014

  82. None
  83. 48 qualifying programming schools

  84. 432 responses from graduates

  85. None
  86. 42% of recent graduates are in jobs that require less

    than a four-year college education Source: McKinsey & Co.
  87. None
  88. that’s some serious dough.

  89. what would you do with a 44% raise?

  90. None
  91. None
  92. None
  93. So what’s going on here, why are these well-known companies

    hiring bootcamp graduates?
  94. None

  96. Full-time offer for new Flatiron graduate is ~$70,000.

  97. Full-time offer for graduate + 3-month internship is ~$90,000.

  98. According to the market, if a company hires a grad

    for $70k, they have a dev worth $90k after 3 months.
  99. Company A hires 4 experienced devs for $90k each.

  100. Total dev team cost base ~= $360k.

  101. Company B hires 5 graduates for $70k each.

  102. After 3 months, they have 5 experienced devs with a

    cost base of ~= $350k.
  103. 5 devs > 4 devs.

  104. $350k < $360k.

  105. But why do WE care? I don’t care about costs…

  106. It’s all about teams.

  107. The days of isolated developers are gone.

  108. We’ve become too important for the businesses that we’re a

    part of.
  109. Bootcamp graduates are a diverse group.

  110. None
  111. For comparison, today the software industry is composed of only

    16%* women. Source: “Women in Software Engineering: The Sobering Stats”
  112. None
  113. What does it mean for your career?

  114. More people will have the skills, so what does it

    mean to be “senior”?
  115. What is it going to mean to be GREAT at

    your job, when today you can be incredibly sought after and well-paid for just being competent?
  116. Obrigado!

  117. Questions? ! Comments? @mecampbellsoup