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Vanquishing deployment dragons with Nx wizardry

Vanquishing deployment dragons with Nx wizardry

A tale about a brave peasant who is set on a journey to vanquish the deployment dragon that has been tormenting the poor villagers who just want to push their apps on (but not over) the edge and become the prince of the castle. This talk will take us on an epic journey with Nx and the powerful monorepo wizardry to show us how good tooling eventually defeats even the scariest of dev ops monsters.

Miroslav Jonaš

September 26, 2023

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  1. Thank you Miroslav Jonaš / @meeroslav / nx.dev co-written by

    ChatGPT co-designed by Midjourney Cast (in order of appearance) The storyteller Miroslav Jonaš The dragon Michael Hladky The king Katerina Skroumpelou The hero Maximilian Kless The wizard Juri Strump fl ohner