Lost Art of Code Optimization (or why you should grok Commodore 64)

Lost Art of Code Optimization (or why you should grok Commodore 64)

I know you!

You craft beautiful object-oriented and functional code every day. I don't need to tell you how to test and maintain it well.
But I want to show you something different...

Remember Commodore 64? The highest selling computer model of all time?

Even though it's not produced anymore for more than two decades, each year at least seventy new games are released!
Every new C64 program is faster and prettier, even though it's processor can't even multiply.
Meanwhile, your smartphone gets slower with every update...

This talk will show you how Commodore 64 programmers 'break' hardware constraints to create jaw-dropping demos.
It will show you an easy and fun way to practice writing low-level code.

Something you'll never do at your day job!


Michał Taszycki

October 07, 2016