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Introduction to Angular

Introduction to Angular

Minko Gechev

June 26, 2020

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    Depth ngDenver NG-MY ng-japan NG-DE ng-SriLanka Angular Connect ngSpain NGRome NG Honduras ngTaiwan ngTalks NG-BE ngBolivia AngularMix ngPoland AngularUP ngChina
  2. @yourtwitter @mgechev Developing apps with Angular • Scaffold a project

    with the CLI • Use Angular framework & TypeScript • Composition of components
  3. @yourtwitter @mgechev TypeScript provides • Great DX (Development Experience) •

    Reduces the bugs in our programs • Is well maintained and feature rich
  4. @yourtwitter @Component({ selector: 'my-cmp', template: `Hello, {{name}}!` }) export class

    MyComponent { @Input() name: string; } @Component({ selector: 'app-root', template: '<my-cmp name="KulKul"> </my-cmp>' }) export class AppComponent {}