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Test Drive Development with WordPress

Michael Cheng
September 05, 2012

Test Drive Development with WordPress

How to go about doing TDD with WordPress

Michael Cheng

September 05, 2012

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  1. What is TDD? • Getting into the habit of writing

    tests before writing code. • TDD are continuous short cycle of test, code, refactor. • Test cases are in separate files. No more print_r & var_dump in your code! • The tests contain assertions that are either true or false. Passing the tests confirms correct behavior of the code. 2
  2. 3

  3. Why TDD? • TDD gives you higher confidence that your

    code is doing what it's suppose to. • Small wins makes the coding process more enjoyable (Gamification). • Working code every step of the way! 4
  4. TDD Process 1 Feature specifications 2 Write test cases 3

    Tests will fail 4 Write code to pass the tests (minimal) 5 Pass all tests 6 Refactor "Make it green, then make it clean" 5
  5. • PHPUnit is the de-facto standard for unit testing in

    PHP projects. It provides both a framework that makes the writing of tests easy as well as the functionality to easily run the tests and analyse their results. • http://phpunit.de • Created by Sebastian Bergmann 6
  6. WordPress Unit Tests • Core libraries unit tests • http://unit-tests.trac.wordpress.org/wiki

    • Plugins Development • Nikolay Bachiyski (https://github.com/nb/wordpress- tests) • Themes Development • http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Unit_Test 7
  7. WordPress Unit Tests • Nikolay Bachiyski • https://github.com/nb/ wordpress-tests •

    http://wordpress.tv/ 2011/08/20/nikolay- bachiyski-unit-testing-will- change-your-life/ 8