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20230317_Astroで始めるCloudflare Pages

20230317_Astroで始めるCloudflare Pages


March 17, 2023

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  1. 大分(22年) → 東京(11年) → 福岡(2021.11~)→ 佐賀(2023.8~予定)  自己紹介 https://linktr.ee/midnight480 AWS Startup

    Community Fukuoka 運営 JAWS-UG Saga 運営 …その他イベントに顔だしています https://my.prairie.cards/u/midnight480
  2. Introduction to Astro.js - Astro.js is a web framework designed

    for speed - SSG*1 that generates HTML when built - In demand for those who demand display speed *1 Static Site Generator
  3. Photo by Pixabay Introduction to Notion - A tool that

    consolidates all information - All-in-one workspace - Use as a CMS*2 to manage blog text, images, etc *2 Contents Management System
  4. Introduction to Cloudflare Pages - Available for free - Used

    to build and deploy Astro.js and other applications - a single site asset is 25 MiB
  5. Photo by Pixabay Tool for Connecting: astro-notion-blog - Github repository

    created by Mr.Otoyo https://github.com/otoyo/astro-notion-blog - easy-notion-blog, a combination of Next.js 13 and Notion API , and Vercel - astro-notion-blog, a combination of Astro.js, Notion API, and Cloudflare Pages
  6. Photo by Pixabay Easy branch definition for preview environment -

    Can check the display in advance - Access restrictions can only be applied to members with limited access via Cloudflare Access
  7. Web Analytics - Add one line of JS snippet to

    the HTML page - For Astro-notion-blog, just add to Layout.astro
  8. Custom Domain - DNS records without subdomains are required to

    be transferred → Vercel does not require transfer of DNS records without subdomains(A record)
  9. Deployment - Manual builds on demand, even when auto-deploy is

    enabled  → Redeploying from the latest build is time-consuming  → Running “Deploy hooks” while accessing the dashboard is time-consuming
  10. Astro
 Pages | Cloudflare
 Let's start your own Notion

    Blog with Astro. 
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