The fate of endozoochorously dispersed seeds - Public defence PhD

The fate of endozoochorously dispersed seeds - Public defence PhD

Endozoochory, or the dispersal of plant seeds via ingestion by vertebrate animals and the consecutive deposition of seeds in dung, is a widespread phenomenon in temperate grassland species. The first steps in this dispersal cycle have been extensively studied in recent decades while less is known about the next steps, or the postdispersal fate of deposited seeds. In this PhD the germination, establishment, growth and flowering of temperate grassland species was experimentally assessed through dung addition and inter- and intraspecific competition experiments. Furthermore, the role of different functional groups of dung beetles in secondary seed dispersal and dung degradation has been studied in a large-scaled multi-site experiment in different climate and biogeographic zones in the Western Palaearctic.


Tanja Milotic

February 24, 2017