One Sass File, So Many Sites

6e7b68aa52dc1244b3dfd3db19e06af2?s=47 Mina Markham
November 06, 2014

One Sass File, So Many Sites

We all know and love Sass. Responsiveness is a no brainer. And the new hotness of Sass 3.4 is, well, hot. But how does all this help to create white label sites? Maintaining CSS on multiple sites with multiple themes can really be quite a pain, especially when working with a team of developers.

Mina Markham will take you through her process of creating a Sass-based ecosystem that make theming sites a breeze. You’ll get to see Sass in all its pro glory, with some Compass, Grunt, and some fun frameworks.

This talk will include:

A breakdown of a SMACSS-based style architecture
Leveraging functions, mixins and maps to create themes
How to measure your improvements to showcase tangle results


Mina Markham

November 06, 2014