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Shopware 6: plugins and migration

Shopware 6: plugins and migration


Michael Telgmann

May 23, 2019

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  1. The new platform: Plugins & Migration

  2. @holger_tk @mitelg Holger-Thomas Kaßner Michael Telgmann Squad Leader Shopware Services

    Developer Core & Services
  3. What to expect? Plugin basics Extending Shopware 6 All about

  4. Plugins

  5. None
  6. Community

  7. Let´s talk about plugins in

  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. Plugin Manager

  12. Shopware 6 Plugin Manager

  13. None
  14. Connecting to your account

  15. The basic structure

  16. Shopware 6 plugin structure

  17. composer.json composer.json is required! type „shopware-platform-plugin“ „shopware-plugin-class“ is required Label

    is required you must use psr-0 or psr-4
  18. Plugin base class

  19. Resources directory

  20. Extending Shopware 6

  21. Events

  22. Types of events loading the product detail page product page

    loader DAL* *data abstraction layer CRUD events for all entities page loaded events for the storefront
  23. Business events order created send confirmation mail customer registers receive

  24. Business events order created send confirmation mail customer registers receive

  25. Controllers

  26. Defining controllers

  27. Entities

  28. Creating entities

  29. Creating entities

  30. Creating entities

  31. Creating entities http://shopware.local/api/v1/swag-bundle/4a30f0a83cae4a26b82848e303be3614

  32. Extending entities attributes custom fields json format used for simple

    additional data
  33. Extending entities

  34. Extending entities

  35. Creating a custom admin module

  36. Creating a custom admin module

  37. Creating a custom admin module

  38. Extending the storefront

  39. Extending the storefront

  40. Extending the storefront

  41. Custom line items

  42. Custom line items

  43. Custom line items

  44. Custom line items

  45. Custom line items

  46. Custom line items

  47. Cart

  48. Cart calculation

  49. Price rounding

  50. Calculated cart

  51. None
  52. None
  53. Preparing your plugin for Shopware 6

  54. Migration

  55. Migration as holistic topic content- / data migration environment- /

    plugin migration
  56. Connector Plugin Migration (Account) Migration Assistant

  57. Plugin Migration Assistant License migration to Shopware 6

  58. Plugin successors?

  59. Shop overview

  60. Plugin Migration Assistant (Account)

  61. Plugin Migration Assistant (Account)

  62. Plugin Migration Assistant (Account)

  63. Plugin Migration Assistant (Account)

  64. Plugin Migration Assistant (Account)

  65. When?

  66. Data Migration

  67. Community Day 2019 Data Migration history SW3 SW4 „migration scripts“

    Shopware one-click update Shopware 5 migration plugin
  68. Shopware 5 Migration Plugin

  69. Shopware 5 Migration Plugin

  70. Migration Assistant Data migration to Shopware 6

  71. Creating a connection

  72. None
  73. None
  74. Checking data & pre-mapping

  75. None
  76. Start migrating

  77. None
  78. … that’s all

  79. Migration process Fetch Convert Mapping Write Process media & documents

  80. complete migration support for big data amounts simple operation for

    the user partial / repeated updates as automated as possible extensibility What we want to achieve performance stability extensibility
  81. Technical concepts connection profiles gateways data selections converter writer media

  82. Shopware Migration Assistant plugin structure

  83. We like the concept of working with profiles from the

    Shopware 5 migration tool
  84. Profiles acting as an entry point into migration Profiles contain

    the gateways - i.e. the types of connection to the source Profiles can be added or extended Extensibility through profiles
  85. None
  86. Tagged Services using the Dependency Injection Container of Symfony get

    collected on initialization way to integrate your services into other system
  87. Gateways Shopware 6 platform Shopware migration tool (Plugin) Gateways

  88. SCD 2019 Api Plugin („api gateway“) new API endpoints in

    Shopware 5 read-only interface high performance - no ORM extensibility
  89. SCD 2019 Local migration („local gateway“) Installation of 5 &

    6 on one server Connection to local database Migration of media from the local installation folder
  90. Gateway classes

  91. Data selections

  92. None
  93. Dataset

  94. Premapping

  95. None
  96. Converters

  97. Converter classes

  98. Data writer

  99. Processing media solution for downloading media via api plugin solution

    for local migration resolving paths for different strategies
  100. Migration in a nutshell

  101. Shopware Migration Connector Migration via fast API

  102. None
  103. None
  104. Functionality Migration Connector information about compatibility of your environment with

    Shopware 6 new api endpoints for fast read actions dynamic endpoint to request 3rd party tables
  105. Now available!

  106. Finally

  107. Get in touch with the new tools docs.shopware.com academy.shopware.com github.com/shopware

  108. Thank your for your patience! Time for Q&A