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Docker & Kubernetes @Athlon

Docker & Kubernetes @Athlon

A brief intro to Docker and Kubernetes, what problems Docker solves and where's the value in using those two technologies, including some pros and cons.

Dimitar Dimitrov

October 16, 2018

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  1. Docker & Kubernets

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  2. OS

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  3. The "process"

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  4. How it works
    • Processes

    • Kernel

    • (Shared) libraries (e.g. glibc)

    • Other shared resources

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  5. Docker

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  7. Two main concepts:
    images & containers

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  8. Containers

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  9. Images

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  10. Other runtimes
    (oci, rockit, runc, containerd)

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  11. Kubernetes

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  12. "Kubernetes is an open-source system for
    automating deployment, scaling, and
    management of containerized applications."

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  14. Design principle
    (declarative & controllers)

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  15. API objects

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  16. API objects
    • Pods

    • Volumes

    • ReplicaSets, DaemonSets, Deployments, StatefulSets

    • ConfigMaps

    • Services

    • and many more, including CRDs

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