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Bots from the past and future

Bots from the past and future

Today you can grab your phone, start a conversation with a bot and get something done. Sometimes it’s pizza, sometimes it takes away your parking tickets. How did we get here? How are bots going to be in the future? And the most important question, how can we take advantage?
This talk will have computer science history, natural language processing, bots and science fiction characters.

Enrique Carlos Mogollan

March 30, 2017

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  1. A Software Agent Responsible for acting on behalf of someone

    else to perform a task. Modern bots have more autonomy depending on how intelligent the software is.
  2. Verbasizer - 1995 31 (Hallo) Spaceboy, You're sleepy now Your

    silhouette is so stationary You're released but your custody calls And I want to be free Don't you want to be free Do you like girls or boys It's confusing these days But Moondust will cover you Cover you
  3. Verbasizer - 1995 32 “It's a technological dream, it will

    give me access to ideas I wouldn't have had otherwise”. - David Bowie
  4. 39

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