7 Reasons to Love JBoss AS 7 - UberConf 2011

7 Reasons to Love JBoss AS 7 - UberConf 2011

Presented at JAXconf 2011 and UberConf 2011

Fast, fast, fast. Blazing fast! No doubt, that's the main reason to love JBoss AS 7. This talk dispells a long-standing misconception that Java EE application servers are inherently slow. With JBoss AS 7, you get to keep more memory for your applications AND you experience a 10-fold reduction in startup time over previous revisions.

In this talk, we'll dive into how this performance boost has been achieved, how its modular design saves you from classloader hell and why it's such a pleasure to administer. It's everything you've wanted in an application server: blazing fast startup, a lightweight footprint, completely modular, elegant administration and multi-server management mode. Under all that is a server powered by first class components developed in the JBoss Community (JBoss Modules, Hibernate, Weld, RESTEasy, Infinispan, HornetQ, etc). It's even a (J)Ruby server!

Come get your cake and eat it too.


Dan Allen

March 07, 2012