JBoss at 7: A New App Server, New Tools and a New Attitude - W-JAX 2011

Dcccd96c499963133f7f95e7ffa20c4e?s=47 Dan Allen
November 24, 2011

JBoss at 7: A New App Server, New Tools and a New Attitude - W-JAX 2011

Presented at W-JAX 2011 as a conference session.

2000 called, it wants its bloatware back. No where do the Java EE specifications suggest that application servers and programming models must be slow, clunky and fat. At JBoss, we decided it was time to flip the switch on enterprise development and make it productive. In this session, we'll show you how to build real-world examples that are slim, fast and powerful. We'll start by talking about the new rendition of our flagship project, JBoss AS 7. Fast, fast, fast. Blazing fast! No doubt, that's the main reason to love JBoss AS 7. We'll dive into how this performance boost has been achieved through a clever use of parallelism and concurrency, how the modular design saves you from classloader hell and why it's such a pleasure to administer and test. It's everything you've wanted in an application server.

Next, we'll talk about how the Java EE Web Profile has brought new meaning to the double E: "easy" and "extensible". We’ll summarize the functionality you get out of the box. Hint: intelligent defaults replace XML and disparate technologies have been connected by powerful services like CDI. We won't pretend that one size fits all. You'll discover that the closed feature set has been abolished with the inclusion of the CDI extension facility. You now have the choice of building new features into the programming model in addition to using what's provided. Ah, but, how many times have you wanted to start a new project in Java EE, but struggled to put all the pieces together? You'll witness how JBoss Forge can incrementally assemble an application at your command and deploy it to AS 7. We'll remind you of the fact that you are doing all this with the "Enterprise Edition" of Java without any of the pain that would seem to imply.

Like we said, we've got a new attitude. Come experience it.


Dan Allen

November 24, 2011