Real Java Enterprise Testing - JavaOne 2011

Dcccd96c499963133f7f95e7ffa20c4e?s=47 Dan Allen
December 21, 2011

Real Java Enterprise Testing - JavaOne 2011

Presented at JavaOne 2011 as a conference session.

This presentation unveils the missing link in enterprise Java development: simple, portable integration tests. It introduces a solution in the first half of the session and demonstrates it in the second.

Unit tests and mocks get you only so far. Eventually you need to verify that your components operate and interact correctly in their intended environment—you need integration tests. Yet writing integration tests has meant taking on the barrier of bootstrapping the necessary infrastructure.

Arquillian, a container-oriented testing framework built on TestNG and JUnit, tears down this barrier. It enables you to write portable tests that invoke real components using real enterprise services in a real runtime. In other words, you can write real tests.


Dan Allen

December 21, 2011