Arquillian: The Extendable Enterprise Test Platform - JavaOne 2011

Dcccd96c499963133f7f95e7ffa20c4e?s=47 Dan Allen
October 26, 2011

Arquillian: The Extendable Enterprise Test Platform - JavaOne 2011

Presented at JavaOne 2011 as a conference session.

Sample code:

Arquillian is the missing link in Java EE development. Developers burdened with bootstrapping the infrastructure on which a test depends place a high barrier to entry on integration testing. Arquillian tears down that barrier. It picks up where unit tests leave off, targeting the integration of application code inside a real runtime environment. This session looks at how you can take advantage of the test platform's infrastructure to fit your testing needs. It shows you how to write extensions so you can give your test classes new capabilities, manipulate the packaging process, hide testing framework integration complexity, integrate into the test's lifecycle, integrate with existing test runners, create your own container, and more.

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Dan Allen

October 26, 2011