Death of the Slow: 7 Reasons to Love JBoss AS 7 - Devoxx 2011

Dcccd96c499963133f7f95e7ffa20c4e?s=47 Dan Allen
November 24, 2011

Death of the Slow: 7 Reasons to Love JBoss AS 7 - Devoxx 2011

Presented at Devoxx 2011 as a conference session.

Fast, fast, fast. Blazing fast! No doubt, that's the main reason to love JBoss AS 7. This talk dispells a long-standing misconception that Java EE application servers are inherently slow. With AS 7, you get to keep more memory for your applications AND you experience a 10-fold reduction in startup time over previous revisions.

In this talk, we'll dive into how this performance boost has been achieved through a clever use of parallelism and concurrency, how its modular design saves you from classloader hell and why it's such a pleasure to administer. It's everything you've wanted in an application server: blazing fast startup, a lightweight footprint, completely modular, testable, elegant administration and multi-server management mode. Under all that is a server powered by first class components developed in the JBoss Community (JBoss Modules, Hibernate, Weld, RESTEasy, Infinispan, HornetQ, etc). It's even a (J)Ruby server!

Come get your cake and eat it too.


Dan Allen

November 24, 2011