Damon Runnals of Minnesota Playlist Presentation_Monicat Data for Art Workshop II

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September 24, 2017

Damon Runnals of Minnesota Playlist Presentation_Monicat Data for Art Workshop II

Damon Runnals is a Twin Cities consultant and entrepreneur whose Venn diagram meets at center of technology, creativity, and community. Damon is the former executive director of The Southern Theater having navigated that organization through a major financial overhaul and introducing the Twin Cities to ARTshare, the first all-access performing arts membership program. He is the current owner and CEO of Minnesotaplaylist.com: the Twin Cities premiere Performing Arts website for promotion and industry information.


Monicat Data

September 24, 2017


  1. None
  2. None
  3. Technology & Art Talent Are you using a step stool

    or a platform?
  4. Creative: noun “a person who is creative, typically in a

    professional context.” Creative: adjective “Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.”

  6. –Damon’s brain “How has recent technology changed the way I,

    or you, BE an artist?” Huh. That sentence is grammatically incorrect.
  7. The Gatekeepers

  8. Technology Changes are creating avenues to bypass the gatekeepers. We

    now see more and more platforms.
  9. Nope.

  10. So what?

  11. None
  12. Damon’s Personal Favorite • Monthly fee • A vinyl record

    sent to you • Often an artists’ first or second record • Record selection voted on by community (members only)
  13. Biggest site you’ve never heard of • In Feb 2014

    considered the 4th largest source of peak internet traffic in the US. • A site to live stream video games • Now streams any and all kinds of games. • 2015 1.5 million Broadcasters / 100 million visitors a month • Now owned by Amazon
  14. The next step in crowd funding. • Started in 2013

    by a musician (Jack Conte) and a developer (Sam Yam) • People pay a monthly stipend to an artist • Artist delivers art
  15. The next 100 years of infrastructure Jack Conte’s concept of

    where we are going
  16. So what?

  17. Are you using a step stool?

  18. Or are you using a platform?

  19. A new publishing house. • Started as a site for

    writing and conversation • Now has paid subscription model • AI to suggest new writers / content
  20. –Casey Newton via The Verge “YouTube’s emphasis on videos related

    to ones you might like means that its feed consistently seems broader in scope — more curious — than its peers.” IN A FRANTIC AGE, THERE’S SOMETHING CALMING ABOUT NOT BEING ASKED FOR MY REACTION TO THE DAY’S NEWS
  21. So what?


  23. Nope.

  24. None
  25. Questions to consider • Administrators: are you building a system

    or a platform? Is there a difference? • Artists: what are you spending your time on that feels duplicitous or a waste? Can it be removed by moving your work to a platform? • Both: how are we creating systems that help each other and create long term relationships?
  26. –Everyone “Thank you”