Shonnah Hughes of Minneapolis Institute of Art_Workshop II Presentation

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September 24, 2017

Shonnah Hughes of Minneapolis Institute of Art_Workshop II Presentation

Shonnah Hughes is a Salesforce MVP, WiT chapter leader, mentor, sponsor, coach, and mother of three. Shonnah fell in love with Salesforce tens years ago and now uses the platform as a means of education, social justice and to unite people across the platform. Shonnah currently works as the CRM Technical Lead at Mia.


Monicat Data

September 24, 2017


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  3. Data Systems for Creative Organizations “What's Your Why?”

  4. Shonnah Hughes CRM Technical Lead Salesforce MVP

  5. WHAT IS CRM? “Customer Relationship Manager”

  6. WHAT IS CRM? “Continued”

  7. WHY CRM? “Clarify the Why”

  8. UNDERSTAND CRM “What am I getting into?” Expectation #1: App

    vs Platform Expectation #2: Staff Participation and Key Roles Expectation #3: Cost Expectation #4: Timelines & Phased Implementation
  9. CRM HELP “Get some CRM expert help”

  10. CRM DATA “Focus on your DATA!” Data Migration Ongoing Data

  11. CRM KEY DECISIONS “Decide what to use as your technical

    foundation” Option 1: Start with a Application Option 2: Pre-built Apps Option 3: Fully custom implementation
  12. CRM BASICS “Start with the Basics, then Iterate”

  13. CRM INVESTMENT “Invest in your own Expertise”

  14. CRM DATA SMART “Let the Data Make You Smarter”

  15. Would You Like to Play a Game? “No seriously we

    are playing a game”