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"Weltbilder": course info

4eb788c4efbab6f3088e6ae16a85f09f?s=47 Moritz Stefaner
February 18, 2013

"Weltbilder": course info

The course info and reference projects from my Infovis course at HfK Bremen, 2013


Moritz Stefaner

February 18, 2013

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    MA Digital Media WS 2012–13
  2. Course description Information visualization allows us to experience and explore

    complex states of affairs in a sensual way. In this course, we will be concerned with the practice of data and information visualization: from data acquisition and manipulation over visual encoding to interaction patterns. From a design point of view, we will especially examine the cultural role of measuring and “picturing” the world: How do we create world views from data— and what is the designer’s role in this context?
  3. Requirements Regular attendance (don’t miss more than 2 dates) A

    presentation on a paper or person List will be made available A data visualization project Alone or in teams of up to three -- We meet in class on 8 full days in Feb and March 2013.
  4. “World views” Map a phenomenon as a whole “The world

    of…” Question visual conventions and the prejudices and implicit assumptions that come with them Map how people think about the world Make something that changes how people think about the world
  5. Reference projects

  6. Eric Fisher: Locals and Tourists http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf/

  7. Eric Fisher: Shortest-path routing through geotag density http://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf/sets/72157628993413851/

  8. http://www.datapointed.net/visualizations/color/men-women-color-names-

  9. Ben Fry: All Streets http://fathom.info/allstreets/

  10. Santiago Ortiz: Lostalgic http://intuitionanalytics.com/other/lostalgic/

  11. Jon B. Sparks: Histomap

  12. Facebook map mashup

  13. xkcd: Tic Tac Toe

  14. None
  15. London Surnames http://names.mappinglondon.co.uk

  16. Map of the internet http://opte.org

  17. http://well-formed-data.net/archives/642/the-vizosphere

  18. None
  19. Mapping Stereotypes

  20. Hobo-Dyer Equal Area Projection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobo–Dyer_projection

  21. None
  22. Nicholas Felton: Annual Reports

  23. Buckminster Fuller: Dymaxion map

  24. The Shape of Song Martin Wattenberg, 2001

  25. None
  26. None
  27. None
  28. None
  29. Penguin Science Fiction Covers