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Moroccan PHP Artisans - Presentation

Moroccan PHP Artisans - Presentation


Maddane Motaquillah

March 14, 2015


  1. 99% invisible

  2. PHP Start Learning PHP & I fell in love with

    the language
  3. Nobody will get hurt if I mix Presentation & Business

    logic, Right?
  4. Laravel

  5. Trying to Integrate The Laravel community

  6. There must be someone like me...

  7. Badr Mustapha And then I meet those guys

  8. None
  9. Much better...

  10. None
  11. Promote modern PHP and modern web development tools

  12. Push towards better understanding of best practices

  13. Convey the Open Source culture

  14. Address challenges of the web in Morocco.

  15. Improve the Moroccan web community

  16. Maybe just a skype...

  17. We are going to push it even further...

  18. Three other Artians joined us The ENSA trio Anwar Ibtissam

  19. Make it a reality

  20. Thanks to our sponsors

  21. YOU

  22. Finally, here are the Moroccan PHP Artisans Rules:

  23. Rule 1: You do Talk About the group.

  24. Rule 2: You DO TALK About the group.

  25. Rule 3: If you wanna give a talk in the

    next meet-up contact the orgnizers.
  26. Rule 4: If you wanna be involved in the organization

    of the group reach out to the members too.
  27. Rule 5: We value the Ethics more than technical skills.

  28. Don’t forget to have fun.