Tools for the Bleeding Edge of Open

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November 21, 2014

Tools for the Bleeding Edge of Open

Delivered at #Opened14 in Washington DC on November 21, 2014.

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November 21, 2014


  1. TOOLS FOR THE BLEEDING EDGE OF OPEN people-driven. people, driven.

  2. Hi. We’re P2PU. Vanessa Bekka Erika Carl Dirk Philipp Learning

    + lovebombs since 2010
  3. We build learning communities on the web

  4. OER + Open Source Technology + Participation = OPEN LEARNING

    METHODS How we rock “open”:
  5. Versus the Educational Technology Landscape Big platforms mean I don’t

    have much control! Where IS everybody? T echnical literacy is building not using!
  6. Course in a Box We create tools, like

  7. What’s in the box? Learning Theory Cohort + Social support

    Model the Open Web Free Hosting & Slick CSS

  9. Copy the Course It’s called “forking a repository” on GitHub.

    Just means you’ll get all the files, prompts and helps in your personal account. You can’t mess it up.
  10. By “forking” our course… it becomes your course. Module 1:

    Community Module 2: Learning Module 3: Content Module 4: Feedback Subject area & Audience Learning Goals Activities Sharing & improving
  11. GitHub calls the whole box a “repository” I’m a “repo”

    and all the activities you need are in there, in “folders.”
  12. They look like this: You can tinker with the modules

    directly. Just need a markdown cheat sheet.
  13. You get a slick visual design + free hosting

  14. Tinker with all the stellar social learning tools

  15. Social support + a crew to help you. Work through

    Course in a Box with a Cohort. Course runs the 1st of the month, or just jump in.
  16. Codesign with your learning community Ask learners to submit pull

    requests to add examples, modules definitions, ideas
  17. Beta is open now! @p2pu I’m alive! The course

    that’s always changing with your learning crew….