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Google Classroom Product Analysis

Google Classroom Product Analysis

UX + learning design critique of the learning management system produced by Google.


July 07, 2017

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  1. There’s that mission again, carried through in none of the

    imagery… Why not: “Coordinate your class, the way you already do your work. Instant, paperless. Easy.”
  2. Like the progress beads here… Too much info. Would make

    the text larger and only single clauses.
  3. Still not working as a metaphor—there is nothing “cockpit” or

    “control panel-y” about this screenshot.
  4. If it’s convenience they want to hit home, how about

    “Manage your course on the go” or “All the info you need, all the time, to help students.”
  5. Would bump it up in visibility, especially since it’s part

    of Google Education’s larger portfolio. Maybe tweak it to be more “mission control” if they are really married to that?
  6. And then… tumbleweeds and silence. Maybe ghost outline what the

    dashboard will look like after I’ve made a class, or give me a sample class.
  7. Whoah, got a whole menu here. Why so buried? Use

    color? And what’s this retweet icon? Let’s make one of these “Assignment” jawns….
  8. Clean and fast process for making an Assignment… What’s a

    “topic” though? ALL YOUR CONTENT NEEDZ.
  9. There’s a lot going on in the student tab, and

    it’s pretty elegant. You can invite students individually via email or give all of them the link and this unique code. Not sure what the difference is between “post and “comment”…
  10. Bingo. Nice that you can edit at any time. What

    does “View in Classroom” mean?
  11. Let’s check out the student experience next… Nice that the

    app automatically makes a Google Drive folder…
  12. Comments aren’t threaded, and are only associated with specific exercises

    as far as I can tell… What about discussions that last over the whole semester? Aaaaannd, how do students navigate between several Google Classrooms, like math, science AND English?
  13. Clear meta-menu where you can see all your courses, rolled

    up into one calendar. Well done, Google. “Teaching” versus “Enrolled” is kinda awkward, but I’m so into this menu I’m not going to be salty.