Communication Strategies for Microservices

Communication Strategies for Microservices

There are many ways that Microservices can communicate with each other. Starting from synchronously calling REST Resources to Domain Event based decoupling there are many flavours to choose from for teams and organizations. However the choice of communication will obviously have an impact on how you structure your Microservices, what infrastructure you should have in place and of course on the way you treat data. In this talk we will take a look at various strategies such as synchronous calls, messaging solutions, Domain Events and even Event Sourcing / CQRS. The latter is obviously not directly a communication strategy but brings in some interesting possibilities. In addition to that I will explain what impacts, advantages and disadvantages each of the possibilities has. Finally we will close the talk by evaluating how teams can move from a synchronous landscape with lots of chattiness to a more decoupled landscape.


Michael Plöd

May 11, 2018