Microservices love Domain-driven Design - Version 2

Microservices love Domain-driven Design - Version 2

This is a new version of my talk about Microservices and DDD. It was first presented at the MicroCPH conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Without any doubt Eric Evans’ book “Domain Driven Design” is being considered as a “must have read” among many IT specialists from various domains. With the emergence of Microservices, Domain Driven Design has become more relevant than ever.

This talk explains how the patterns and concepts of Domain Driven Design relate to Microservice architectures. We will see that Microservices are not only about Bounded Contexts and that there is much more to Domain Driven Design than Entities and Aggregates. In addition to that I will show how Domain Driven Design will help you to structure and model your Microservices in terms of granularity, business context and interface design (just to name a few). Finally, we will look into migrating existing monolithic applications with the help of patterns laid out in DDD.


Michael Plöd

May 14, 2018