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Angular vs React Smackdown - Devoxx BE 2017

Matt Raible
November 09, 2017

Angular vs React Smackdown - Devoxx BE 2017

This talk discusses the pros and cons of Angular and React and shows how they're similar, as well as how they're different. Deepu defends React, Matt defends Angular. We'll even show you the same app created with React and Angular via JHipster.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/qYEEuiI4l10

Example projects are on GitHub:

Angular: https://github.com/hipster-labs/devoxx17-jh-angular
React: https://github.com/hipster-labs/devoxx17-jh-react

And they're deployed to Heroku:

Angular: https://devoxx-17-angular.herokuapp.com/
React: https://devoxx-17-react.herokuapp.com/

Matt Raible

November 09, 2017

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  1. About Deepu Javascript Evangelist Co-lead Senior product developer Robotics &

    Astronomy enthusiast https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/full-stack-development-jhipster #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  2. About Matt Hick from the Sticks Open Source Connoisseur Web

    Framework Aficionado Developer Advocate VW Buses and Vans Java Hipster #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  3. What about you? How many folks are Java developers? How

    many are web developers? Who likes JavaScript? Who likes TypeScript better? Are you a fan of: Angular React Vue.js #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  4. Today’s Agenda The History of Angular and React Learning Angular

    and React Our favorite and not-so-favorite features Framework Fight! Lies, damned lies, and statistics Our Recommendations #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  5. The History of Angular Started as AngularJS in 2009 by

    Miško Hevery GWT == 3 developers, 6 months AngularJS == 1 developer, 3 weeks Announced Angular 2, September 2014 2.0 Released in September 2016 5.0 Released November 1, 2017 #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  6. The History of React React was created by Jordan Walke

    in 2011 & Open sourced in May 2013 Inspired by XHP, an HTML components framework for PHP Within one year, had large sites Khan Academy, New York Times, Airbnb + Facebook and Instagram 16.0 released on September 26, 2017 #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  7. Angular CLI vs Create React App Minimal dependencies ES6 by

    default Yarn by default 325 Lines of code (not counting README) PWA Score: 55/82 ng new app-name --minimal TypeScript by default npm by default 225 Lines of code PWA Score: 18/36 (dev/prod) ng generate component | service #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  8. Matt’s Favorite Angular Features Dependency Injection Angular CLI Resembles Java

    MVC Frameworks Two-way Binding Components, Services, and Directives TypeScript Ionic Framework Webpack compiling TypeScript Searchability: Angular vs AngularJS Release Candidates in 2016 Testing Infrastructure #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  9. Deepu’s Favorite React Features One way binding Virtual DOM JSX

    Flexibility Component based composability Smart & Dumb components React Native One way binding Dependency fatigue JSX Too many options for state management No official style guide #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  10. Framework vs Library Angular = Full fledged MVVM framework React

    = View rendering library Angular = React + Redux + React Router … (React & Friends) #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  11. Let’s get the similarities out of the way Both Angular

    and React are component-based Both are client side MVVM frameworks for building SPAs Both support server-side rendering Both supports native mobile app development Both requires a build tool like webpack for optimal usage Both have comparable performance Both are backed by big companies (Google & Facebook) Both are MIT licenced (Finally!) #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  12. Follows EL in HTML approach Uses regular DOM Typescript based

    (Possible to write in plain JS but not recommended) Supports dependency injection Supports Lazy loading & AOT State management by default supports one way and 2 way binding Technical Differences Follows HTML in JS (JSX) approach Uses Virtual DOM ES6 + JSX based (Possible to use Typescript + TSX as well) Does not have the concept Lazy loading is possible, No AOT State management is only one way binding and libraries like Redux or MobX is used more often for state management #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  13. An opinionated framework Promotes object-oriented approach Offers everything required to

    build an SPA Differing Philosophies A view rendering library Promotes functional approach Requires use of a many 3rd party libraries like Redux, React router etc. #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  14. Less flexible Often results in more code for same task

    compared to React Usability Very flexible Often results in less code for same task compared to Angular #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  15. Learning Angular is a framework with lot of concepts and

    hence is complex to learn causing JS fatigue Opinionated and provides guidance for most use cases React itself is easier to learn but since it is only a view renderer it would require many other libraries for state management, routing etc ending up in same fatigue Limited guidance. Requires one to choose a stack and decide on 3rd party libraries and approaches to follow #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  16. Ecosystem Ecosystem is not that huge Easier to set up

    for a full fledged application out of the box Limited choice when it comes to alternative approaches for example state management Huge ecosystem Difficult to set up for a full fledged application due to above point Lot of choices in approaches #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  17. How We Did It Generated apps with both Angular and

    React Used JHipster, because we’re hip! Gathered statistics: Performance Accessibility Lines of Code #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  18. JHipster Angular vs React PWA Score: 91 Performance: 66 Accessibility:

    100 Best Practices: 81 Lines of code: 12416 (55 TypeScript) Number of tests: 3 PWA Score: 91 Performance: 75 Accessibility: 100 Best Practices: 81 Lines of code: 15177 (126 TypeScript files) Number of tests: 9 #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  19. Angular React Popularity - Hot Frameworks #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible

    #Devoxx17 https://hotframeworks.com/#top-frameworks
  20. Our Recommendation If you have a lot of state: React

    If you’re familiar with Java MVC frameworks: Angular If you work at Facebook: React If you work at Google: Angular If you like structure and a helping hand: Angular If you like flexibility: React #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  21. What You Learned The History of Angular and React Hello

    World in Angular and React Our favorite and not-so-favorite features Similarities and Differences Lies, damned lies, and statistics Learning is the real skill, not knowing a web framework! #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  22. Want to learn more about JHipster? Come to our BOF

    tonight! #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  23. Questions? JHipster Sample Apps on GitHub github.com/hipster-labs/devoxx17-jh-angular github.com/hipster-labs/devoxx17-jh-react Presentation at

    speakerdeck.com/mraible Contact us! @deepu105 || deepu.js.org @mraible || raibledesigns.com #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17
  24. The JHipster Mini-Book Written with Asciidoctor Quick and to the

    point, 130 pages Developed a real world app: www.21-points.com Free Download from infoq.com/minibooks/jhipster-4-mini-book @jhipster_book #Devoxx @deepu105 | @mraible #Devoxx17