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Building Cloud Native Progressive Web Apps - Devoxx 2017

Building Cloud Native Progressive Web Apps - Devoxx 2017

In this session, you’ll learn how to build microservices with Spring, deploy them to the cloud and expose their functionality with a progressive web application that can run offline. You’ll learn how to “build to fail” and create a quality, resilient application. Live coding will show how to use Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Foundry, IntelliJ IDEA, Angular, and Progressive Web Apps.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCyLDzhz_mg
Source code: https://github.com/mraible/cloud-native-pwas/tree/devoxx-be-2017
PR showing how to integrate Okta: https://github.com/mraible/cloud-native-pwas/pull/10

Matt Raible

November 07, 2017

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  1. @starbuxman | @mraible #Devoxx #CloudNativePWAs Building Cloud Native Progressive Web

    Apps Matt Raible @mraible Josh Long @starbuxman
  2. About You Do you like Spring? Do you like JavaScript?

    TypeScript? Anyone using Angular? React? PWAs? Why are you here? #Devoxx
  3. Blogger on raibledesigns.com Java Champion and Web Developer Father, Skier,

    Mountain Biker, Whitewater Rafter Web Framework Connoisseur Who is Matt Raible? Bus Lover Okta Developer Advocate
  4. None
  5. developer.okta.com

  6. Authentication Standards

  7. • http://cloudnativejava.io • @starbuxman • [email protected] • Java Champion •

    open-source contributor 
 (Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spring Integration, Vaadin, Activiti, etc etc) the Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long (⿓龍之春, ⻰龙之春, जोश)
  8. None
  9. None
  10. None
  11. Did you know? “At any given time, 0.7% of the

    world is drunk. So 50 million people are drunk right now.”
  12. https://xkcd.com/323/ “Ballmer Peak”

  13. Live Coding with Josh

  14. Fin

  15. What about the client?

  16. “Beer Client”

  17. None
  18. None
  19. 2007

  20. None
  21. “We’ve failed on mobile” — Alex Russell https://youtu.be/K1SFnrf4jZo

  22. Mobile Hates You! How to fight back: Implement PRPL Get

    a ~$150-200 unlocked Android (e.g. Moto G4) Use chrome://inspect && chrome://inspect?tracing Lighthouse DevTools Network & CPU Throttling
  23. The PRPL Pattern Push Render Pre-cache Lazy-load

  24. The PRPL Pattern Push critical resources for the initial URL

    route Render initial route Pre-cache remaining routes Lazy-load and create remaining routes on demand
  25. Progressive Web Apps

  26. Live Coding with Matt

  27. B U I L D I N G P R

    O G R E S S I V E W E B A P P S I S H A R D
  28. Check out JHipster! jhipster.tech

  29. The JHipster Mini-Book Written with Asciidoctor Quick and to the

    point, 130 pages Developed a real world app: www.21-points.com Free Download from infoq.com/minibooks/jhipster-4-mini-book @jhipster_book
  30. Learn More Build Your First Progressive Web Application with Angular

    and Spring Boot Build a Microservices Architecture for Microbrews with Spring Boot The Ultimate Guide to Progressive Web Applications 
 Secure a Spring Microservices Architecture with Spring Security, JWTs, Juiser, and Okta
  31. Thanks! https://github.com/mraible/cloud-native-pwas Matt Raible & Josh Long
 @mraible @starbuxman https://spring.io/blog