Get Hip with JHipster - GIDS 2019

Get Hip with JHipster - GIDS 2019

JHipster is one of those open-source projects you stumble upon and immediately think, "Of course!" It combines three very successful frameworks in web development: Bootstrap, Angular, and Spring Boot. Bootstrap was one of the first dominant web-component frameworks. Its largest appeal was that it only required a bit of HTML and it worked! All the efforts we made in the Java community to develop web components were shown a better path by Bootstrap. It leveled the playing field in HTML/CSS development, much like Apple's Human Interface Guidelines did for iOS apps.

This talk shows you how to use JHipster to build a Spring Boot API, an Angular UI, and make it all look good with Bootstrap. You'll learn how to deploy the generated project to Heroku too!


Matt Raible

April 22, 2019