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Shaping Kubernetes Community Culture

Shaping Kubernetes Community Culture

Bob Killen

May 01, 2021

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  1. Bob Killen, Steering Committee Aeva Black, Code of Conduct Committee

    Shaping Kubernetes Community Culture
  2. Who we are Bob Killen / @mrbobbytables [ he /

    him ] Program Manager @ Google OSPO Steering Committee Aeva Black / @AevaVoom [ they / them ] OSS Program Manager @ Microsoft Code of Conduct Committee
  3. None
  4. The year: 2017

  5. 400+ Subproject Owners 1,275 GitHub Org members 148 Group Leads

    56,000~ Unique Contributors Since 2014 19,886 Unique Contributors In the last 12 months Contributor Community 36 Community Groups 10,300~ Committers Since 2014 Sources: Devstats | kubernetes/community/sigs.yaml
  6. None
  7. We are on our third generation of leaders. What does

    it mean to embody our values and intentionally pass them on? Gen 1 Google launches Kubernetes & CNCF forms around it Gen 3 Kubernetes matures & new leaders emerge … and face new challenges Gen 2 Bootstrap Steering & Conduct Committees formed
  8. Community Growth As a community, we’re at a crossroads. Photo

    by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash
  9. Social groups have scalability limits, too!

  10. Dunbar’s Number(s) ~150 ~ 20 ~5 You regularly anticipate their

    actions or finish each other’s sentences. You know what they’re working on and have confidence you share the same goals. You remember their name and might know what they’re working on. You vaguely trust each other. You have to re-establish context every time you meet them, which isn’t very often anyway... ~ 1,000
  11. Pandemic Contributor Health *2019 Release Cycle Average (1.14-1.17) vs 1.19

    Release Cycle Average Daily PR Reviews 1.19 -15% -24% Kubernetes Orgs Kubernetes Repo Average Daily Committers
  12. Fatigue “I miss everybody” “Please, no more screens” “I just

    want to hang out” Contributor comments regarding hosting a virtual event “I only want to join if its 90% social”
  13. BLM: Two lenses Aeva please put a photo you took

    from the BLM protests in Seattle here thank you <3

  15. “In order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must

    be intolerant of intolerance.” - Karl Popper
  16. We are on our third generation of leaders Gen 1

    Google launches Kubernetes & CNCF forms around it Gen 3 Kubernetes matures & new leaders emerge... … and face new challenges Gen 2 Bootstrap Steering & Conduct Committees formed
  17. Community Initiatives Unconscious bias training for leads Ensure leaders understand

    how unconscious biases can influence decisions and interactions in the community Code of Conduct Process docs Provide transparency into the incident report handling process Public Code of Conduct Channel Public engagement point for questions and discussion New Contributor Course Launch an improved accessible new contributor course Code of Conduct Transparency Report Provide visibility on general outcomes of Code of Conduct reports Outreach Expand mentoring & internship programs for underrepresented groups Completed In Progress
  18. Thank you! Steering Committee Ask us about: Governance and project

    policies • Email: steering@kubernetes.io • Slack: #steering-committee SIG Contributor Experience Ask us about: Mentoring and Getting started • Mailing List • Slack: #sig-contribex Code of Conduct Committee Ask us about: things you see happening that negatively impact the community or might violate the CoC • Email: conduct@kubernetes.io • Meetings: Not public • Slack: #code-of-conduct • Policy: k8s.dev/coc • Process: k8s.dev/coc-process bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES