The Art of Slide Design

The Art of Slide Design

Note: These are the slides from my DevRelCon Tokyo talk from July 29th. I've started writing this up as a blog post on

Hopefully a video of the talk will also become available at a later date.


Who doesn’t love a pretty slide deck? As evangelists, our presentations are one of the key ways to get our point across to our audiences, and we need to learn how to be as effective as we can with our slide decks.

The choices you make in your slide design directly influences what impact your story has on your audience. Understanding simple design elements will allow you to make more compelling slides, which will result in more memorable and helpful presentations.

This talk looks at how you can improve your presentations with some simple tips and tricks to make your slide designs better. It will examine how you can use fonts, colours, animations and more to support the story you want to tell.


Melinda Seckington

July 29, 2017