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April 23, 2014


Senior Project 2014



April 23, 2014



    C A L & G O V E R N M E N T A L C O N S U L T I N G • F I N A N C I A L C O N S U L T I N G : F U N D R A I S I N G , T R U S T , I N V E S T I N G . • M E D I A • H O S P I T A L I T Y
  2. A. G. A. This Company works for you! When you

    Retain my company you will receive multiple courtesy’s we are committed to making your political career as smooth and painless as possible! Our retainer fees are Set up into classes and based on how much you may need our help. Think of us like the Government. You pay your monthly dues and the amount you did not use is sent back to you at the end of the year every year! Here at A.G.A. your dues are based on the type of membership you choose:  Gold- Access to all of the amenities offered………………………..$21,000 P/Y  Silver- Access to the Consulting firm, Financials , and media…..$14,000 P/Y  Stainless- Access to our Consulting firm, and Financials………..$7,000 P/Y
  3. POLITICAL & GOVERNMENTAL CONSULTING Through out your Campaign you may

    ask yourself “What are my Approval numbers?” “Am I doing this Right?” “Is that what people want to hear?” And Through out your Term you may ask “How do I make leadership?” “What should I be Aiming For?” “How do I pass this bill?” These are all questions that can be answered by A.G.A. Through mock Voting with the public we can learn the answers to all these questions without them knowing it was you. We have unlimited access with the Capitol, and Media on our side! A.G.A. With us, It’s yours!

    branch is to Insure your campaign finances are abundant and your personal finances keep you comfortable during your term. There are no set plans with our firm, to us every client is different. This ensures we are able to make you the maximum profit while you are in office. Our firm is a parent company to many subsidiaries around the country, we own hotels and media outlets, when you invest in our company we are able to give you the maximum returns even if you invest through us into an outside company Not many people realize that politicians are underpaid and overworked. A state senator only makes 26,900 a year but must maintain residencies in both their district and their states capitol. So we are here to help you maximize your income and keep you in comfort. A.G.A.
  5. MEDIA The Start of A.G.A. Media is the creation of

    ‘public opinion’ of todays politicians. No matter how often we say that “what we read on the internet isn't true” we read it anyway and gain an opinion. When a president is elected it is because of the popularity of the person, not the persons ability to do the job… (If so Obama would have been gone a while a go!) Obvious proof of the political Bias is the multiple charts stating who is wrong and who is ‘right’….. The only way to Defeat this is to create your own Media. A.G.A.
  6. HOSPITALITY For the Gold Retainer Members business travel and Vacations

    have never been easier! Is the Government shut down this week? Yes? Then you must be ready for a golf trip to Hawaii! All you have to do is call our firm and we will schedule airplanes hotels and excursions at discounted rates. You will receive your trip packets in the mail and you are ready to go!... We also provide housing in the capitol for when you do have to work this is a much more affordable version of a residence for our public servants. A.G.A.
  7. BEHIND THE SCENES When looking at the amount of money

    you need to be on retainer with our firm it is a large amount of money! But once you break it down into a monthly basis it only cost  Gold- $1,750 a month  Silver-$1,166 a month  Stainless-583 a month Although that still looks like a lot of money on a salary of $26,900 a year it really isn't because the average senator raises $254,000 in which they can pre- pay for the length of their term A county Commissioner wouldn’t need any more than the silver membership and they on average raise $60,000 in Campaign funds and make 75,000 a year And federal senate makes $174,000 a year and raises nearly $2.3 Million A.G.A.
  8. TOTAL IN MEMBERSHIPS At $21,000 Per membership if we have

    20/100 US senators = $420,000 P/Y At $21,000 Per membership if we have 150/435 Representatives =$3,150,000 P/Y At $14,000 Per membership if we have 15/40 St. Senators -$210,000 At $14,000 Per membership if we have 40/120 St. Reps. =$560,000 Local officials such as Commissioners, Sheriffs, Councilmen/ Women, and Mayors, would be limited to the state of Fl. Due to the amount of people that are in those positions. So 67 counties times 5 Commissioners per county plus 67 County Sheriffs… so the average from local politicians would be $2,814,000 Annual Membership Income = $7,154,000 Minus 100 employee Salaries at $45,000 P/Y….. $4,500,000 Minus 10 Executive Salaries at $130,000 P/Y… $1,300,000 Annual Company Income From Memberships $1,354,000
  9. MEDIA The First business I am going into is the

    magazine Business. I believe Education and Information should be free to all, so my Magazines will be free. They will be mailed to all of the homes of the super voters in the state of Florida (Super Voter Names, Addresses, and Political Affiliation, available at Supervisor of Elections office) Since the magazines are free and will actually cost money to make and mail, the cost will be recovered and a surplus will be made by the advertisements in the magazine. And there is a promise of having large advertisers like ford and coke, due to the fact the magazine is going to well over 3 million people and it is ‘unbiased’ The Villages magazine goes to approximately 115,000 people and the publisher makes 150,000 at 15% of the contracts sold….so the villages magazine is worth $975,000 Now times $975,000 by 20 because the amount of people this magazine is going to multiplied by 20… $19,500,000 is how much the magazine is worth and 2,925,000 is how Much A.G.A. will make being the publisher
  10. COMPANY INCOME So my Company bases out of ocala and

    Tallahassee for the state of fl. Politicians alone. And my companies monthly magazine. After employee salaries (110 Employees ) My company Net worth is $4,279,000 Remember, this is before all of A.G.A. ‘s Stocks, Websites, and Miscellaneous Income…so now how much as owner do I want to take of that net income as salary? Myself: $1 salary This saves me money on taxes $500,000 Bonus My salary $1,500,000 $ 1,000,000 in Stocks I Only pay taxes on $500,000!
  11. A.G.A. Your Political Go to People! Thank you.


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