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Getting Paid in 7 Inches or Less

Getting Paid in 7 Inches or Less

Many of us now hop out of cabs without handing anything to the driver. We walk away with our morning coffee, offering the barista only a smile in return. We purchase sofas while riding the bus. The growing ubiquity of mobile devices is causing the biggest shift in commerce since the dawn of the web. Only this time, it’s escaping the confines of our computers and spilling out into every aspect of our daily lives. As designers and technologists, we need to consider the implications of this shift on the things we build, and the people who use them.

In this presentation, I explore the global shift to mobile commerce - which is happening even faster than you think. We will look at emerging hardware and software technologies behind an explosion of experimentation in how we pay for almost everything. We’ll also look at the ways designers and developers can create great experiences in the world of mobile commerce.

A version with notes is available at https://speakerdeck.com/mvboeke/getting-paid-in-7-inches-or-less-with-notes

Michael Boeke

April 09, 2014

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