UX Antipatterns: Hidden Traps in Sites and Apps

6acfa028ae651a89e151698b832ae983?s=47 Michael Boeke
August 11, 2014

UX Antipatterns: Hidden Traps in Sites and Apps

Let’s face it, as designers we’ve all been guilty of carelessly adopting popular usability and design conventions from time to time. Usually, we get the benefit of someone else’s thoughtfulness and research - no effort required. Unfortunately, popular solutions to user interface problems are sometimes actually counterproductive. In this session, Michael Boeke will be discussing user experience antipatterns - design conventions that appear to be good solutions at first, but actually end up hampering usability. We’ll look at a number of real life antipatterns collected from around the web, and explore some better approaches. Hopefully, we’ll all walk out with a few new items in our design toolkit, and an increased awareness (and wariness) of design conventions.


Michael Boeke

August 11, 2014